Improve The "Save As Template" Function

Maybe one of these days… :unamused:

My request is that a proper function for “Create a Template from an Existing Project” be implemented. During that process there could be some options that are offered in a popup dialog that would allow for saving the template with or without certain attributes (could use some suggestions for the available options).

Explanation for my request…

Creating a new template from an existing project is a fairly convoluted process and IMO is not properly documented in the CB op manual. This is because if you just hit the “Save as Template” button the saved template will refer to the existing projects media data (basically the audio files in the pool). Because of this the CB op manual states this prerequisite:

“PREREQUISITE Remove all clips from the Pool before you save the project as a template. This ensures that references to media data from the original project folder are deleted.”

Well… if you did that on the original project you would be destroying that project by trashing the audio files forever :unamused: .

To get around this you first must perform a “Backup Project” on the original project. This creates a project that does not refer to the original project media pool files (it has copies of the original project media pool files). Now you can delete the media pool files from the backed-up project and then hit the “Save as Template” function. Like I said, it’s a convoluted process which needs to be fixed.

There are a lot of similar posts for this concern. Here is a link to mine for CB 9:

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It looks like I am back to Cubase after many years with with annual upgrades I paid and never used. But Cubase 10 may make a difference.

Still, this template thing is ridiculous. How hard can it be for Steinberg to give us some simple options when saving a project template. Like: +/- include media, +/- include plugins.

As it is they require us to do a lot of cleaning to remove things from the template with the risk of accidentally deleting something from the original project. If afterwards you decide to change a few plugins in your template you have to go through all of this once more. Aargghh.

… Not to mention that Cubase still doesn’t have track templates comprising several tracks or inline mixdown/freeze of everything that goes to a certain buss. (At least one other DAW has all of this).


This is something that has caught me off guard a few times and caused problems.

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yes please.


“Save As Template” without data.



+1 I always have to backup the project then remove all the audio when creating a template but sometimes I forget and wonder why the take numbers are so high in the new project that was created from the template. Time and hard drive space wasted.

+1000. I’ve been asking for this for year and years now

We are legion

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I think ‘Save As Template’ should basically be

‘Load an empty version of this CPR but without any audio or MIDI or marker or -whatever- events and parts.’

And I literally -never- use this (cough) feature. I simply created blank CPRs and use those. That way? I -know- what will happen!

Another one of those: How can people who are sooooo smart be sooooo tone deaf? They get some things soooo right while other very simple ideas they just cannot seem to do properly. Sorry for ranting, but I’m convinced that if their developers would simply focus group for ONE FRICKIN’ HOUR and took down like -ten- easy fixes, the product would literally improve 20%.

If Steinberg employed 1 person to travel and spend time observing user habits, issues, time consuming tasks, things that work well etc it would definitely be money well spent!

You don’t have to use “back up project” first".
You can use some Key Commands to invoke “Remove unused media” then hit the [ Trash ] button in the dialog.
Then do the same with “Media - empty trash” and hit [ Remove from pool ] and finally save the project as a template.
I bet the Key Commands are available elsewhere in drop-down menus as well but I forgot where.

Still … a proper dialog box for creating templates from projects that sound good.
Don’t overlook the possibility to connect it with the hub where you eventually are going to open new projects from the templates.
Those five ridiculously useless hardcoded categories with their oversized toy icons HAVE GOT TO GO sooner or later!
No “producers” think alike and certainly not like that with Recording, Production, Scoring and some more.
Create a proper folder tree structure for users to fill with whatever tickles their fancy, and let us save empty templates from project right into this folder tree.
It would be a game changer?

Exactly… what a convoluted load of things to have to do… AND it puts your audio at risk when your operating in the pool with such functions. It was a disaster for me the first time I caught with templates holding references to audio from another project !!

Yeah, humans should not be trusted with operations like this haha.
It would feel a lot better with a proper Template Creator!

  • 1 for the overall proposal. Straightforward “one step” creation of templates would be quite good to have.

As I mentioned in my OP…
You really should do a “Backup Project” first because if you don’t, and you clean up the original project as you suggest before creating a new template from it, you have effectively just trashed your project. You could clean up the backed up project as you suggest though. :wink:

But we really do need this to work as per my OP including some of the good ideas others have posted.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I assumed you had your project saved because you wanted to keep working on it after you were done creating templates and stuff, and I assumed there was some kind of auto-save running. I’ve never lost anything when creating templates like that and I have … just let’s say I have too many templates! :blush: :laughing: