Current status of the AXR4

Steinberg pretty much dropped us and the very expensive AXR4 platform. There are no updates and false promises unfortunately

Like Ed stated above, there are plans to migrate the Advanced FX Suite (which is included with the AXR4) to Steinberg Licensing.

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Yes, however, if you’re an AXR4 user, they dropped us a while ago, even though we paid over $3000 for it. While $250 Steinberg devices get updates.
It’s very frustrating if to be honest. AXR4 users are so disappointed and are being forced to move to a different brand like RME, UA, Antelope etc…

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There is no company like RME when its about device/driver support and support by the company and founder on their forum.


Can you explain a bit please? I did a quick Google and couldn’t find info.


Steinberg made a fantastic audio interface - The AXR4 and priced it as the most expensive audio interface they made. However, the software, firmware support and RND is basically non to exist. AXR4 users has been asking Steinberg features the exists in their $200 audio interfaces for the AXR4 and to have updates and Steinberg just kept promising it will and nothing. It’s been a few years like this and it’s very disappointing that that’s how Steinberg treat it’s most loyal and high paying customers that some are being pushed to buy other brands

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Doesn’t really look like a dropped product to me at the moment:

It also still appears under find your interface here:

It’s still on their website but let’s see you finding someone that has it. They pulled all their stock. Not trying to hate on it but Steinberg is not making those for a while now and most dealers don’t carry it anymore

Here’s a recent statement from the Steinberg staff:

While they can’t promise a release date, future updates for the AXR4 interfaces are currently in the works.

The AXR4 line was hit pretty hard by the parts shortage that started a few years back, just like the interfaces from several other major companies. I don’t know what Yamaha/Steinberg’s plans are, but hopefully they can make an official statement soon.

As far as I can see, they are still supporting the product despite it not being available new at the time of writing. It appears that there are a lot of users talking to each other on the forums with little information, spreading their paranoia and fear that is not necessarily based on facts which can happen quite easily on internet echo chambers. Maybe Steinberg should be filling the perceived information void; but the current webpage for it tells me it is still being supported. Anyway, if all the fears are correct I sense there’s some bargains on the second hand horizon for laggards like myself.

I was really tempted by the AXR4 but was put off by the sketchy support and software implementation outlined in these forums from users. They clearly developed a very cool product with great build quality, conversion and parts. Seems a shame to drop all that reasearch & development effort if they have decided to do so.
I’d love to see them take the impressive AXR4 hardware platform and offer a modular output section like Aurora Lynx-n (could have modules for DB25s, jacks, XLRs, Optical etc which users could customise to taste - seems to work well for the lynx!)
An AXR4 16 or 24 in / out over DB25 connections would have me throwing my wallet at Steinberg.
Appreciate however that it would be a huge revision, very likely more expensive, and if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how reliable steinberg would be for implementing the software / drivers for all the module options!
Just a thought for a possible future product line steinberg!


Regardless of whats on the Steiny website, you need to look at the frequency of support and updates, and the gen feedback on it via public forums including this one.

The Steinberg staff in general and those from Steinberg who respond on this forum are simply superb, but can only provide info/updates when they get it from Yamaha. I’m pretty sure our good friends at Steinberg are as much in the dark as we are.

I would not hold your breath re timely or otherwise fixes/updates to this model.

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I think you’re right but it still doesn’t make it OK towards Steinberg’s highest paying customer.
The AXR4 has been in the dark for a while and the lack of updates and support only points that it’s discontinued if to be realistic and regardless of the false promised from Steinberg’s forum reps.
This leaves a really bad experience and very disappointing.