Curve EQ not working on my system

This is the same problem as in Nuendo 6.
Curve EQ does not refresh the screen when trying to edit the plugin parameters, hence it’s unusable.



What do you mean? (example…)
BTW, are you using WaveLab 8.0.0 or 8.0.1?

Hi PG,

am am using Version 8.0.1 (build 665) - 32 bit. Curve EQ works on my laptop, but not in the studio. The studio machine is a 6 core Mac Pro with 16 G Ram, 3 monitors and a TV hooked up via Blackmagic and RME Raydat. Both running 10.8.3.

The problem is that the user interface of the plugin does not update/refresh (react to input or show a change of state) E.g. when you move the big “out” knob on the far right you cannot see it move at all. In the FFT window nothing happens at all when you click anywhere and the analyzer does not show anything.

You CAN hear audio being processed, though.

The strange thing is that the VST 2.4 demo works as expected on the same machine.


If this happens both in Cubase and WaveLab, I guess the plugin is to blame. But the question is: why does it happen only for you? (apparently).

While the problem does not seem to be too common, there are others who seem to have the same problem both on Windows and Mac.


As stated by Ollie, this issue also occurs with Cubase 7 - and is an open issue on Cubase 7 forum and on the Voxengo forum - link below

Problem Solved by Aleksey Vaneev:

“The problem is understood now. It happens because in CurveEQ VST2.4 the “built-in refresh” global option was enabled. It causes VST3 version to freeze. This issue will be fixed in the next update, but you can fix it right away by disabling this “built-in refresh” switch in CurveEQ VST2.4”