Custom key signature octave shift not working

when i create a custom key signature in my custom tuning, and I click the octave arrow to show my sharp on low F rather than high F, it shows it just fine, and it also shows up correctly in the list of custom signatures on the right panel, but when i insert it, the accidentals are in the upper octave.
is there an update that fixes this? or at least a workaround?

this function is absolutely essential to what i am doing.

Can you attach a minimal example that reproduces the problem so that we can investigate further? Thanks!

here are screenshots showing the octave tool acquiescing in the editor but not working when placed.
i have also attached the program file for your inspection.

Boyer Funeral idiomela staff.dorico (689.4 KB)

Thanks for sending this over. Dorico’s doing the wrong thing because it’s using the wrong clef definition to determine the default accidental position. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll make sure it gets fixed in future.

Oh, and this is Dorico 3.5.

what workaround can I use?

Hack-y workaround would be to add the key signature as a text item.

Not sure if that would work, but you could try the workaround showed in this thread:

You may also need to use an invisible clef.

I just tried it and it seems to work. All you need to do is to enter a explicit treble clef at the beginning of the flow and activate the “Octave shift” property from the clef.
Boyer funeral

ah, thank you! that works.