Custom Startup Template? *** RESOLVED ***

In my previous DAW (Sonar) I always had a custom startup template so that whenever I started my DAW it was immediately ready for me to record whatever fleeting ideas I might wish to capture, quickly, before they could get away.

I am struggling to accomplish this same thing in Cubase. I have searched the Internet, searched the Manual, and searched this Forum; all without success. So now I am here seeking assistance from you kind folks.

I have created and saved a nice custom template in Cubase, but:

  1. I can’t figure out how to make it the default startup template, so that it is there ready & waiting whenever I start Cubase. I don’t want to use the HUB, I just want to start Cubase and have my template there ready to go.

  2. Whenever I start Cubase and open my new custom template (from the HUB), all of my track routings are gone for all of my interface inputs & outputs, and I have to reassign them to each of the tracks all over again.
    I tried saving my inputs & outputs as a preset, which preset can then be selected after I open my template; but all of my track assignments are still gone, and need to all be re-assigned again. These extra steps are not acceptable for me, or for my work flow.

  3. Whenever I start Cubase and open my new custom template (from the HUB), everything that I had set up on my screen (window placements, locations & sizes) are all gone, and it has returned to some pathetic little window that is absolutely un-workable, and I have to set up everything all over again.
    I tried saving my Workspace as a preset (both Global & Project), but that did not work completely - I still had to take the extra steps to select & open my saved Workspace. Again, I would prefer to avoid these extra steps if possible, and go straight to recording my ideas.

  4. I created Instruments Tracks for a few Virtual Instruments in my newly saved custom template, but when I open my new custom template (from the HUB) they are all gone, and need to be re-created, all over again from the start. This is absolutely unacceptable for me, and for my workflow.

I am trying to minimize the number of things that I need to do before I can begin recording. In my old DAW I was literally two mouse clicks from capturing ideas, with no other excess stuff between me and my creative muse.
Surely there must be a way to accomplish something so simple as this with Cubase.

So far, my only solution/workaround is to save my new custom template as a simple Project file, instead of as a template. Then, when I double-click on the Project file, Cubase starts up with everything just exactly as I saved it - all of my input/output track routings are there, all of my window placements & configurations are intact, and all of my Virtual Instrument tracks & Instruments are there, with everything working fine.
This seems to be a rather bizarre way of doing this, but at least it does accomplish what I wish to do.

Surely there must be a way to do this in a Template format - some kind of a default start-up template - in Cubase.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance you might provide - your help is greatly appreciated.

I think I replied to you in another thread
I don’t know what you’re doing.

I go new project > (hub) → more (and select one of my templates I’ve previously saved)

All input/output routing is correct, all instruments ( a couple of dimension pro :smiley: instruments as I think its a good synth), and FX are correct, the mixer etc

I even tried just now with creating a template with some midi notes (normally I just have audio and midi tracks but empty of notes/audio) and even that was saved when I created a new project (load template) even the window placement was correct

So sorry I’m no help but #2,#3,#4 works for me (not sure about #1 never tried that but I wouldnt want to that anyways as usually I will work on an already started project)

AFAIK there’s isn’t a way to automatically open a default template in Cubase.

However, when you start Cubase, or start a new project, the hub will open and the template you used previously will be selected. So if you’re using the same template it’s still quite a quick method. It does mean using the hub for this particular task though.

As for your other points, something is amiss, as all of the things you described are saved with a template.

When you start up your template, does it look like an earlier version you saved as you were building it?

Is it possible you’ve accidentally saved more recent versions of the template to a different location to the one you’re opening? It’s possible to save templates to all of the ‘tabs’ - (such as ‘Production’, ‘Mastering’) in the template window using the drop down list under the template name in the save template dialogue.

Try to save your current project as a new template, with a new name and see if that works.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to achieve a Cubase template is exactly the same as a Sonar one. (a project template, not track)
Save any project as a template then create a project using a template.
It’s all setup & ready to go, exactly as the template was saved.
(Unless you talking about loading a template automatically after initiating, I’d never use a feature liker that in any daw so don’t know. I either open a wip or create a new based on several different template types.)

I can deal with the HUB if I have to; but regarding my other problems, as you say, something is definitely amiss.
The fact that this Template idea works for you folks is encouraging, and that leads me to believe that I am just doing something wrong; but I sure can’t figure it out.
And the fact that it works perfectly when I save my Template as a regular Project file also leads me to believe that it is as simple as my doing something wrong - but what ?

Thank you for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated. And I will continue to pursue a solution.

I’m pleased to hear that this works for you; I wish that it would work for me.
Thank you for taking the time to tell me that it works for you.

Thank you all for your responses, and for taking the time to assist me. It is greatly appreciated !

I tried to be as brief and concise as possible in my original post, while still clearly describing my issues. I do apologize if it seems too long for some of you to read through. But for those of you who will take the extra minute to read through my original post thoroughly, and think about it for a moment - well, I would appreciate any constructive ideas regarding a solution to my issues.

Being logical, the fact that everything works perfectly when I save my Template as a regular Project file seems to indicate that I am doing something wrong in the Template process - but what that is I can’t seem to figure out.
I will continue to seek a solution to this bizarre set of issues. And, in the meantime, I will definitely appreciate any constructive ideas towards a solution.

Thank you.

Nice attitude but not a problem. I’m used to Sonar fanboys…
Next time you need help I won’t waste my time posting…

I feel compelled to point out that I have been into recording audio for over 30 years now; and for over 20 years I have been doing so with a computer via DAW software. And during all of those years, working with several different DAW programs, I have never before had the need to seek assistance in a public forum environment such as this one.

I’m not quite sure what a ‘fanboy’ is, but for the past 15 years I have been a happy & content user of Sonar; and I never needed to make even one call to Support for assistance. Sonar is (was) so well conceived, and so intuitive that I just never required any assistance.
I certainly wish that I could say the same for Cubase.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again, and express my gratitude in particular for your final statement.
Adios !

Actually like a lot of things, if you have done them right from the beginning it becomes intuitive. Learning a new DAW requires that you unlearn some old habits and readjust to some new ones.

I have disabled the HUB, as I hate it. I start up Cubase and then use the project assistant. (File > New Project)
All your active projects will be in “Recent” > Choose “More”.
All the templates are stored here. If you create a template from empty you save it: File > Save as Template
Which will then appear in “More”.

Important note> When starting a new project using a template in “More” note that the grey box at the bottom contains “Default Location”. It is important specify where your projects are located as the default is the C Drive. You will also see “Project Folder” Where you should name your project.

You might also be aware that setting up you bit rate and sample rate can be saved with the template. Before you save the template:
Project > Project Setup > Project Setup Window > set how you want and then save template.

To be honest it does not matter how long you have been recording software always finds a way of tripping you up, this being especially true of transferring to a new DAW. I am sure that eventually you won’t be able to imagine it any other way.

With statements like these you now know what a Sonar fanboy is. You’ve displayed one to a tee. :laughing:

Thank you for taking the time to help me with your thoughtful and constructive suggestions - greatly appreciated !
I will try your suggestions, and see how they work for me. As it is now, nothing that I set-up & save in a new template actually get saved; and then the next time that I open my newly saved template I have to spend 10 minutes setting-up everything all over again - not an acceptable working environment for me. I am aware of, and have been performing most of the tasks that you mention (although via the HUB), but Cubase seems to be not working properly, or to be simply dysfunctional. I am new to Cubase, so I don’t know if there is something wrong, or if it is just a poorly conceived/implemented DAW.

Frankly, I have become quite disenchanted with Cubase, as I have much more important things to do than spending my time struggling to get even the most simple of basic set-up tasks to function properly in Cubase. But I am encouraged by your support - THANK YOU !

I actually can’t remember what you can do in the Hub. As I said I didn’t like working with it and as my computer is not normally on line I disabled it.

To be fair Cubase is an exceptionally complex programme that we can sometimes forget with experience and knowledge.

I have a number of fairly complex templates that I occasionally update when I have some new “essential” piece of software. The trouble with loading a template from a .cpr file is that you do not control the process of creating a new folder with a project name, which for the sake of order you must do each time. Otherwise you will find files all over the computer and you head will be in a spin. These are all things that we took a while to get our heads round. I am sure that you will get the hang of it.

The hub is the way to go.
Like a lot of people i’ve disabled mine so i get Cubase loaded without anything.
Be careful with templates though as further down the road you have to rename the project and Cubase likes to see files in a certain location.

It sounds like the Templates are being saved to the “wrong” place. Have you checked where the useless Templtes are being saved?

i disabled the hub, created a default workspace and sent the file to a desktop shortcut…voila! open direct to default

So, here is my resolution to this Cubase problem:

No more Cubase = No more Problems

Cubase is just so very un-intuitive, so convoluted, and so dysfunctional; I would never be able to get any work done in such an environment anyway.
And so I choose to NOT waste any more of my valuable time with Cubase.

Fortunately for me, Sonar still works - PERFECTLY !
And in the meantime, I will be taking Reaper for an extended ‘test drive’.

Adios Steinberg !

Seems a shame that you weren’t able to discover like most of us that Cubase works perfectly. There is always a hefty learning curve when starting from scratch with a new DAW. It is our experience on the forum that most of the issues are basically user error - so blaming the software is not very helpful. Anyway I am sure you will be happy with Reaper.

There is no need for name-calling or hostility, ceemusic. Whatever your opinion about the OP, he has been perfectly polite in spite of his frustration.

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