Cut, copy and paste

I can’t find the cut, copy and paste icons, or ability to do so on the iPad Pro. I would be grateful for some advice.

Many thanks


Just found it. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Well that explains why my tapping the scissors tool did not break a tie a la U on the keyboard. :grimacing:

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The “real” scissors tool is of course in its normal place, in the Notes toolbox in the left zone.

I have tried using it and it didn’t seem to do anything. I am new to Dorico and very impressed with the iPad version. Some basic info on using the app would be great to write notation. I have looked at the overview videos. I am a Sibelius user version 7 on a MacBook Pro circa 2009. Thanks for you reply.

Hi Eric, do these basic steps for using copy/paste help you at all? The iPad manual isn’t fully comprehensive yet, but there should still be a decent amount of material in there that’s helpful.

Just the sort of guidance I am seeking. Many thanks for your help Liliie.

I have supposed that one cannot access the iPad Help from an icon in iPad Dorico itself, but I realize I may just not have found it yet. Does an On-line Help icon/link exist on the iPad version?

It does indeed - the Learn page in the Hub.

Thank you, but I will have to go back to the Hub rather than calling it up from within an active file?

Yes, for the time being that’s right. We could certainly add it to the application menu on the main toolbar as well. I’ll make a note of it.


Thank you. That would be helpful, particularly for those of us to whom iPad itself is new.

Hi @Derrek ,

For what it’s worth I’d recommend downloading the PDF manual

I have it loaded into iBooks on my iPad. I don’t know how familiar you are with iBooks, but you can bookmark sections you want to come back to, and searching the index that starts on page 834 is a great way of finding what you need.

@Lillie_Harris has put a lot of work into this; it’s an incredibly useful resource.

You can easily switch between your Dorico project and iBooks with a four-finger side swipe.


Thank you, I’m glad it’s useful to you! And yes the index is a great place to look if you’re not sure of what term Dorico primarily uses as most reasonable/expected synonyms or variations should be included at least once in the index, with “see”/"see also"s signposting the Dorico term.

The only thing I’d suggest keeping in mind is to update your PDF regularly - I’ve already published two updates to the iPad manual since it was released last week, and intend to continue publishing updates and corrections frequently for a little while.

Thank you @hrderrett . Actually I loaded the PDF manual as soon as it came out and searched it shortly thereafter for some terms, but found I was getting so many hits I could not check them all. That is not a criticism of the PDF iPad manual. I keep PDF’s of all the manuals and find them very useful. Somehow, when I am in the midst of working on a Dorico file, the on-line manual usually helps me get to an answer more quickly, probably because I can hop links from the more general topic to the more specific.

Many thanks for the links to the manual and popover PDF’s. They are an invaluable resource.
I am using a Akai LPK25 WIRELESS, Bluetooth keyboard with Dorico, I would highly recommend it. It only requires pairing with GarageBand, which then makes it available for use with Dorico.
I have another question.
If the first entry to a score is at the end of a bar, and is a leading note or notes into the score, it leave rests at the start of the bar. Is it possible to resize the bar to remove the rests and leave only the leading note or notes. It is possible to do this in Sibelius. Thanks.

Sure. Please see Inputting pick-up bars with the popover

Is it possible to edit a score I have completed to remove the rests? I have tried the link but it seems to shift the rest of the score out of time. I thought of a workaround, copying the score missing out the leading first bar, but I am having trouble selecting all of the notation. Once copied I would begin a new score using the link you suggested and pasting my selection after the first leading bar.

Changing time signatures (including adding one with a pick-up bar) doesn’t change the underlying amount of rhythmic time in the flow or where notes happen relative to each other.

If you started with e.g. a full 4/4 bar with notes only in the last beat and added a pick-up bar at the start, you probably want to delete the excess number of beats - select the first rest in the flow, press Shift-B then enter - (minus) followed by the number of beats you need to remove, such as -3q to delete 3 quarter notes, or -7e to remove 7 eighth notes.