Cutaway scores and changing voice for tuplets?

I see Dorico 5 is out. I’m still on 3.5 but, pray tell, does it do cutaway scores yet? And has the “change voices” applied to tuplets been sorted out?.
I work with midi imports (in raw midi format - at least it works) and trying to change a voice with triplets makes a mess. So now I write out what should happen on paper so I can delete the relevant notes and enter them afresh.
Thank you if you can let me know.

No cutaway scores.

What was the issue you were previously experiencing with changing voices and tuplets? For me, a cursory test of changing tuplet notes to another voice, both with and without the tuplets themselves selected, appears to work fine.

Whatever sort of music you do, you are bound to find innumerable new features and improvements between 3.5 and 5.0. It would be worthwhile reading the Version History notes for 4.3 (covering everything in the v4 release), and for v5.


I’ll try to create one later on. Just building a synth module at the mo.
Thanks. It usually tries to convert the tuplet into ‘straight’ 3 x whatever note value and shoves everything else along… unless it was fixed.

Here’s a couple of pics (I hope). I made this example up as I’ve nothing new to edit at the mo. It was a MIDI import (.mid) from a daw - makes no musical sense - just to demonstrate.
In order: 1) the imported passage with the notes selected
2) the ‘change voice - new downstem voice’
3) the result.


There’s always been a hope this would get sorted out as I use a lot of tuplets in my stuff.

Changing notes in chords with tuplets into a different voice preserves the tuplets in both voices in Dorico 5, whether or not the tuplet was initially selected before changing the voice.

Additionally, and this was added in Dorico 4, you can now use the same key commands and Notes toolbox buttons to change voices of existing notes as you do to create/switch voices during note input. So you can filter 2nd notes in chords, and press Shift-V to change them to a new down-stem voice.

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You can sort of create cutaway effects by adding text frames under engrave mode and making the background white, covering up the bars you want to be hidden. Here is something I did recently: