Cuts in sound ur44

hello Im using ur44 , and I remember for long time now that I had issues with the sound, while im listening to music on youtube or media player Im having cuts at the sound (especially when I perform an action for example switching window) I just formatted my pc to clean new win11 and the issue persist
I noticed an error that I get after the cuts on the dspmixfx for the ur44

i also tried to switch the usb port and usb cable , and changing the buffer size and the modes,installed different drivers 2.0.3/2.04/2.1.3
also I found that im not the only one that having this issue , so as people suggested , i tried disabling the intel turbo boost on bios and some other settings, with no luck
im not having the issue when Im using my screen as a audio speaker so it happens only with the ur44
please try to help thank you

No reply ? support please…

This is a user forum, so no Steinberg support staff here (well mostly not…).
It could unfortunately be any number of things, but I would duggest you look into the xHCI setttings in bios, afair there have been problems solved by setting xHCI to manual (or was it automatic) ur even turning it off for the port you want to use.
Also, checking with latencymon is always a good idea, as you might find problems you can correct.

Also have a look at this post:
Fix: Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. (Windows) - #12 by dondawell.