Can you please look into getting .DAWproject file exchange into Nuendo and Cubase, I am using it with Bitwig and Studio 6.5 but Nuendo is my DAW I like the most for mixing and editing. Having used the .DAWprocject, I will say it is the easiest and most reliable DAW to Daw transfer I have ever used, AAF is so darn useless at times.


This is an absolute necessity for any DAW developer who values their customers going forward. I dont know software coding, so I’m not sure how complicated it is to implement, but it seems like a lot of the work has already been done and the results are being made available for free.

It’s 2024, we need to be able to colaborate with people, regardless of what software they use. Please Steinberg, make this happen!

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That’s why there are documented exchange formats as AAF, OMF and others.
Your only option is using AATranslator. https://www.aatranslator.com.au/


Yes there is AAF etc, having used them all for years this new format.DAWproject is so much better and easy to use, I suggest you try it if possible to see how good it is, I have Bitwig and Studio 6.5 so I can see the results, using AAF and Studio 6.5 is still hit and miss as is using AAF with Nuendo, and the steps you have to take is crazy, compared, With to Save as.DAWproject and that is it, it does everything

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing this idea with us!