DCOM connection to program 'Synsopos.exe' failed.

I got the following error with my eLicenser after upgrading it to version

Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following er
ror: DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:Unspecified error

The sollution that worked for me was this:
1.Open the Control Panel
2.Select [System]
3.Select [Advanced Settings]
4.Under [Performance] select [Settings]
5.If DEP is available on your system, a DEP tab will be present in the Performance Setting dialog. Select this tab if it’s present (if it’s not present, then your system doesn’t have DEP).
6. Select [Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select]:
7. Add SYNSOPOS.EXE from the folder [Programfiles/elicenser/pos] or wherever you have this file.

I have no Idea if this will help for anybody else, or what this stuff means, but it worked for me, and I am very happy at the moment because this have been preventing me doing work in Cubase for weeks :slight_smile:

This was on a Windows 7 64bit system running Cubase 6

Hey XAntaresX- THANK YOU!! your suggestion workedI Though I finally got CB6 32bit to work after much searching, 64bit kept giving me the error. But your solution alllows CB6 64bit to now open. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! steve

OMG bro… You have literally saved my life… I was THIS (/|) close crushing my computer with mighty fists of frustration…!

How does a software company with such reputation can allow themselves having customers (such as I… & U) having to deal with such issues not having a simple automatic download plug to solve this without having me needing to dig forum posts!?

Nice one XAntaresX! It helped me too, thanks a lot…

My only question is how this ever happened?! :question:
I’ve got the same error on a 32-bit windows XP running Cubase 5 with NO internet connection!! I’m using this system for over three years now with no problems whatsoever and then …just like that …ERROR!! How can this be? I didn’t do any updates, did I? Is it …in the air?? :confused:

Anyway thanks again, any thoughts appreciated as always…

hi there,
what is DEP?

Microsoft is “genius”… its been 6 years since the original post, and windows update STILL messes up eLCC.

I´m on a Win10 laptop. Tried this fix, now I can´t even setup an exception for Synsopos.exe. Windows pops the following error:

"Data Execution Prevention

This program must run with DEP enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program"

Gee… thanks microsoft.

This is the kind of thing that forces users to cross over to MacOS. I´ve used Cubase in a Mac computer at work for years and I´ve NEVER seen this bullshit errors that Windows tends to provoque.

just tried this fix, worked well, no errors like the one you reported.
I’m on a win10 laptop too, running Nuendo 7.1

I have the same problem, I tried to setup the exception for Synsopos.exe and Windows pop up with this message: “Data Execution Prevention This program must run with DEP enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program”

I tried reinstalling eLCC and the error stopped, but now I´m getting broken playback issues as if the buffer was low. Which it isnt.

What a pain in the neck. I´ll have to reinstall Cubase, and work my way up from there.

Software as a service is a really sucky technology when it comes to compatibility. I had everything running clean as water, but now these forced updates are a threat to my day to day workflow…

hiya - I also have problems with cubase crashing for no reason and the last time generated the same message the original poster said, but I also got the same issue other posters talked about, where it won’t let me add the Synsopos as an exception. Does anyone know of a fix for systems that won’t allow the exception? I’m not holding my breath has Steinbergs service is abysmal (I’m still using cubase 8 pro despite buying 9.5 because it won’t work and they don’t respond/can’t find my ticket) but hopefully someone can help!

Installed and uninstalled Cubase and e fricking Licencer 19 times and nothing.
Cannot turn Off DEp for some reason…

tired of this poop.
goodbye Cubase

i reinstalled win 7 more than 7 times , yes cant load cubase 9.5

HI , i submitted finally to steinberg , info@steinberg.de, redirected by asknet , only received a confirmation of ticket submitted… after all the win 7 , n cubase 9.5 installs , fresh win reinstalls , n maintenance shows ok … yes , it starts to load n stops with error megs , i sent pix of … so what happens now … this is the 4th month running … i have C 9.5 , Halionsonic 1.5 , halion 4 , absolute 3 and groove agent 4.X. got over written , n i lost it to absolute 3 >>?? is that right ?? i could have upgraded it to some thing else later ?? , wel for now i cant use any on em … Steinberg . please do some thing about it thanks ws

well , also , due to Steinberg server issues , i had to make 3 accounts one for Asknet , one for My steinberg , n a seperate one for the SB forum , could this be the reason for the inability of loading cubase 9.5 ?? i have also submitted a ticked to make it all one account , but still no reply from SB ???

It is normal to have three different accounts for Asknet, MySteinberg and this forum. This is not the cause of your problem.

Thanks Planarchist , so why does not any one from SB help me sort out my issue??? i have done all mentioned , submitted a
ticket…, it was working fine till , Cubase crashed and i had to reinstall win 7 x 64 bit , running on an AMD 8 core , with an high end Asus mother board … 24 Gb RAM… as i see it , so many complains of similar issues , its definitely , a clash with Win updates ,
and even with win 10 … which i had also tried to disable… still no success… please can some one help out ??

also if i try the latest , eLicenser Control Center , i get this … :
Capture 5.PNG.jpg

ok , finally switched on to win 10 , at the cost of losing some hardware due to no win 10 drivers . , and cubase 9.5 finally loads , but all Racks Absolute 3 including stock Vsti , except groove agent , time out now after 1 minute of playing … still plays though but at very very low volume …

I also have this exact issue — Cubase Pro 9.5 – DCOM exception with Synopsos.exe… Tried All the ideas — don’t work…
I’m running Win7Pro. I discovered I Could load Cubase 7.5 or 8 Pro 64B, but cannot load 9.5Pro/64B.
So, there is something in 9.5 Pro causing this problem!! … . I first believed it was related to the 64B, but now have disproved that premise.
Sure Wish Someone would identify this 9.5Pro issue and help us all resolve. Are you listening Steinberg?
I’m a 15 year user of Steinberg/Cubase and earlier tools. I’m considering giving up on 9.5 Pro, and Future versions too… don’t like to waste all this time… may just use earlier 64B 7.5 or 8 Pro version and abort later and forward versions. Invested my money — wasted on 9.5 Pro… !!

I have a similar issue… Cubase just quit with no reason. Useless software as is…I transferred all licences to a new dongle but problem remains…