Deauthorize old computer - Reformatted computer

When trying to install the software it says: already in use on another computer? is there a way to de-authorize and add a new one?

Is there a place to get in touch with real tech support?

Bump, I’m still without a license activation. No computer currently has cubase.

what version of cubase are you trying to use ? I assume you have been using a soft-elicenser ?

here’s how to reactivate it (took 20 seconds on google to find ?)

I read and tried this and it still says ‘No products found on this eLicenser.’

I am also getting the error - You have already redeemed this Download Access Code.

Also, the activation code I got from sweetwater is short by 7 digits.

Also when I put in the activation code I’m given; I get the error the activation code could not be identified, please make sure it is typed correctly. Yet, its typed exactly to the T and 32 characters long. I obtained this by typing in the activation code that is 7 digits short on their website.

Then when I try to activate it again, it says the license is in use, and its not.

I’m using 10.5

sorry @hiphop - you are not making much sense

‘put in the activation code’ ? where do you type this ?
What version of Cubase ?
Do you have a physical eLicencer ?
Was it working and licenced on another computer ?
What does it say in your MySteinberg account ?
Did you try to ‘reactivate’ as that web page says ?

I’m copying the text exactly as it says on my screen. Not sure how else to help. For some reason steinberg forms are removing my quotes.

you need to be more specific

let’s start again:

what version of cubase ?


Yes, the computer that has it, is being repaired and it won’t be able to be repaired but it still runs.

Cubase pro ?
Cubase Artist ?
Cubase Elements ?

I’m trying to uninstall and re-install right now, its 15.12GB and I could not find how to not download the full version. 11 has the option and 10.5 does not.

which version ?

I can’t help if you don’t say.

Elements - - - -

great - are you registered at MySteinberg ?

Yes ------ dffd

and you DO NOT use a dongle ?

Not with elements no.

great :+1: (FWIW you can store this on a dongle if for some reason you wanted to)

so when you log into MySteinberg is the software elicencer listed there ?

Now it is, there are two licenses now - one says ‘No products found on this eLicenser.’ The other has the products. Still not sure if its going to work, waiting on re-install.

ok - that’s good - so what you need to do is take a look at that page I linked (in the first reply!)

  • Log in to your MySteinberg account.
    In most cases, username and email address are the same.
  • Click on the big red [Reactivate] button at the top.
  • A list of all registered licenses that can be reactivated appears.
    Select the Soft-eLicenser containing the license to be reactivated.

you should be able to generate a NEW activation code for your NEW sofware eLicencer

the old code is useless as it’s been used