Decrease entire automation volume at once? possible?

Is there a simple way, short of SelectAll-ing the automation points and draging up/down, of moving the volume level of the entire track, with the various automation changes included, of an entire track?

Make sure the “Info Line” is activated. There is a volume (or velocity, depending if the track is audio or midi) entry field you can change there.

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Hi JACKnight,

Once you’ve selected all the automation you don’t have to drag it down! The most accurate way would be to use the ‘Value’ parameter in the top left horizontal box area and there you can decrease the volume or anything else in very small steps!

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James Colah

I’m just so fond of the Trim automation stuff - giving you both total curve and relative curve until you are done with it.
a) enable write automation of the track
b) in automation panel activate Trim and Fill To End and also fill to Start
c) still in stop mode, just move fader to adjust entire automation in a relative manner
d) turn off write automation

Note that if transport is running and move fader, you get relative write automation filled with last value all the way.

I prefer to make freeze trim automation manually - so have both a relative curve until satisfied.
Default I think is that relative is frozen into old automation as you stop writing, so set to manual if.

I have automation panel floating all the time while mixing, so not so many steps really.

When I need to do this, I don’t adjust the automation, but change the gain in the ‘pre’ rack in the mixer.

Is a downside to doing this that it could change the sound (beyond volume changes) by changing how hard the signal is hitting the plug-ins (comp, etc.)?

Exactly. That would change the levels of singals one is feeding to FX processors (plug-ins).

In the case of dymanic processors, that would be like changing threshold values.

Another approach would be to either route the track to a Group or assign a VCA to it and lower it there.

Personally I’d go with selecting all the data points and changing value on the Info Line - seems the most straightforward to me.

The last two insert FX slots are post-fader. You can insert a plug-in with a gain knob into one of them to control the output level of the track. Controlling levels this way would not affect automation, nor pre-fader insert FXs.

I agree. Methodically, this is the soundest way. If volume is being automated it is automation one should target.

But wouldn’t you lose relative changes doing it this way? Dragging up/down from the arrows at the centre top of the selection in the Automation track, on the other hand, would keep things relative.

Gotta say, though, I like the sound of Trim. I find the way automating a fader locks it, necessitating all these workarounds, such a pain that I avoid it. This might be a way out for me too. Time to rtfm a bit…

No, all your automation will keep the relative values between them.

What, even from the info line?

Yes, even from the info line.

Well, that’s good to know. Cheers! :smiley:

Still reckon that Trim’s worth a proper look, though. I’d much rather do this from the mixer…

Yowza! You guys have some great ideas.
I’ve done the “boost Pre” but you’re right, it meddles with other gain values.
I’'ve also done the Info Line technique, but, honestly, was hoping for an even lazier way…lol
The Trim thing sounds quite interesting and I’m going to try that right now.
Thanks Everybody!
ps - why’d they scrap the thank you button?

On the Info Line the value shown will be for the 1st selected event. If you enter a value that is 10dB lower than the current value all the other events will also be decreased by 10dB from their initial value.

However when you type in a value on the Info Line if instead of hitting Enter to apply the new value you use ctrl+Enter then all the selected events will be set to that value. So “60 ctrl+Enter” will set all the events to 60.

The disadvantage to dragging the selected events is that it is harder to be precise (if that really matters to you). But the advantage is you could grab the Scaling point which lets you ‘compress’ the changes so the lower values are reduced less than the larger values. Which might sound more musical depending on the context. For example if the existing automation just moves up & down in say a 6dB range then changing the values by a constant amount likely sounds fine. But if you were dropping 18db from the chorus to the verse then scaling might work better because lowering by a constant could make the part inaudible in the verse.

And that’s why we have Undo :wink:

Apparently that capability doesn’t exist in this version of the forum software. They’d have kept it if had been available - according to a post in the forum sub-forum

I was watching a guy just yesterday that uses metagrid ipad app to control cubase. He has created a bunch of macros with the PLE and he created some with incremental automation boost and reduction buttons. Search under youtube for “metagrid cubase” and his stuff should come up-it’ll show you what you need to do with or without the app, but I ended up downloading the app and creating a some pretty cool stuff in just a day.

In other words, Makumbaria is mistaken in post #14

What I would really like is a means of doing this quickly from the mixer, without diving into the project or even having to faff about with Automation Panel. I don’t know how many modifier keys are left over for use with faders but something like Ctrl-Fader to override and adjust the automation would do the job for me. Quick, painless and not requiring much thought!

Slightly expanding: Automate anything and it is effectively disabled. Try Mute and Solo! Clicking Read off runs the danger that you will forget to switch it back on again. Bypassing it ditto because for some bizarre reason - space probably - you can only get at it from the project, not the mixer (afaik…), and it’s too easy to forget.