Deleted .fxp and Program still loading?

I am new to HALion , just wondering how the filing system works (before I create 100s of patches)

I have found that if you save your Program so its in your HALIOn 7 folder as a .vstpreset then delete the .fxp , it still loads … how is the possible ? also the .fxp is much smaller that the .fxp

I was exporting the .vstpreset to point to the .fxp

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Can anyone help on this? I am new to HALion , first version I have used in HALion 7 , I have some old .fxp patches , when I re-save they turn into .vstpreset. is this just the new file format ? I can delete the .fxp and the . vstpreset load fine

.FXP files are simply presets for VST 2 plug-ins. Once you re-save them as .vstpresets, the original .fxps are no longer needed.

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