Deleting insert plugins

How can I delete an insert plugin from the arrangewindow (except choosing “No effect” from the drop down menu , that is…)
Delete don’t work, backspace don’t work, rightclickmenu has got no “Delete” nor “remove”…what gives?
Is this an “improvement”? Not for me, it is…

Yeah - this is a step backwards.




To remove: click/space/enter

Thanks for that.

Edit: Well actually that didn’t work for me.


Need a 'right-click>remove insert" option.

…or click -“Delete”, or even Click-“Backspace”.
Space-Enter doesn’t work here either…not in the arrangewindow.

The problem is made worse if you have quite a lot of plugins as you have to scroll back up to the top to effect the delete. Delete+click would make sense.

Select “no effect”. A delete button is not deliberate enough as engineers would complain how easy it is to make a serious mistake?

I don’t buy that, Conman. In the mixer you can still use the delete key…just as easy to make mistake here, isn’t it?

Erm… then use the delete key.

Mediocre spoof?

Sure is… :mrgreen:
Conman, you’re the man. I want to join your club.
I can be the man behind the man behind the Conman.
Keep up the good spirit!

Hi Silhouette,
You should click on the triangle for choosing plugins and when the list of your plugins open, press the spacebar than enter.

I even don’t want to make 2 clicks to delete a plugin. ALT or SHIFT or soemthing + leftlick = delete would be nice (for me). Especially in the mixer!

As very very very few people insert and delete plugins at a rate large enough to cause RSI I don’t see this changing very soon.

if you are quickly trying to try out effects, it’s not uncommon to be adding + removing plugins rapidly

Who does that that really knows what they’re doing? Actually it bloody well is uncommon. If I saw an engineer doing that on one of my sessions I’d berate him for messing about on my time.
Plugins are no great mystery to time-served audio engineers and once inserted they tend to stay put. If dry is needed there’s plenty of bypass options.

Last I checked Cubase was a production environment marketed toward engineers and producers. If it’s just engineers, and you already have a rough road map of your production, you might as well work with Pro Tools.

IMO, to generate the revenue needed, Steinberg prioritizes their improvements and features toward new users. This is opposed to a focus on core functions & work flow that mainly appeal to those experienced Cubase users who purchase upgrades often wishing Steinberg would stop trying to compete with Waves or UAD and instead focus on the things those 3rd parties can’t ever achieve.

I would guess new users do quite a bit of experimenting often inserting and deleting. :mrgreen:

I would guess new users do quite a bit of experimenting often inserting and deleting. > :mrgreen:

Fair enough but I would advise that after spending that much that doing anything that quickly and without consideration is bound to go badly wrong as often as not. People who don’t know what they’re doing think that prodding buttons very fast looks cool. It does until you crash the program. Again.