Deleting instrument in setup mode

I have many instrument in my drums
I want to delete them to import a Midi track that have them all in one instrument.
It takes a hell of a time
When you click on the deletion sometime you have the clock and it does not to anything, the only solution is to press return, it takes a looooooooooooon time
On Logic you select the 13 tracks and you press “delete”, it is instant !

In very large projects, Setup mode operations may indeed take longer than is ideal. You can speed them up by ensuring you have only one window onto your project open, and only a single layout shown in the project window. Before you do operations in Setup mode, switch to e.g. a part layout for a single layout, save, close, and reopen the project. When the project has reopened, with only the part layout visible, you should find the operations to add or delete players much faster.

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Hello Daniel
Thank you for your answer.
It is not simple to work with Dorico.
Don’t you think that your programmer should look at speeding Dorico ?
Logic, VSL had the same problem
Update after update they are VERY fast now.
I will do more test when my M3 will arrive on the early days of December.
The projet I am working is not so large, 6 mn and 74 instruments
I have find out this morning why I was loosing names in XML import from Logic song
A tutorial for importing from Logic will be very helpful

They have. They do.

Six movements and 74 instruments most definitely is a large project. You would certainly benefit from following the advice I recommended in my initial reply for these kinds of operations.

To import from Logic I would suggest to use midi not xml.

Tutorials suggestions you can find here:

I would be very curious to look at your template (without music if you don’t want to share the project here), but just the setup/template/empty file with the instruments. So we could test it for you.

Hello Christian and Daniel

Thanks for your answers.

I did try using Midi import of Logic tracks to start, I had more than 360 players ! One player by pattern !!!
Now I have find out how to have the instruments names import in XML, it is much better,
I wish you could check the instrument assignment like in the midi import before importing, because as soon you do not use the exactly the same name as Dorico the instrument is badly defined.

One remark is that in the mixer the faders are too small !

How do you use for one player another AU than the one defined in the preferences, All my orchestral instruments are from VSL VI ; I want to use other instrument like the CS80 synth, Kontakt … on some of the tracks, do you have a tutorial for this ?

Daniel : my piece is 6 minutes only ! what will it be for a 50 minute symphony piece next to be done !!! I hope with the M3 arriving very soon Dorico will be more responsive, because it is so slow !

Nowadays when you import from a DAW you may have 4 tracks for a single player, this to have a good sound, you should think to be able to merge those 4 track and have an option to be able to delete duplicates note

Today you need in your DAW a special version of your piece before importing to Dorico ! this could be improved !


@cyril I don’t understand what you mean, (sorry if I misinterpreted your remark).
This is a screenshot of the Dorico Mixer as Full Screen (on a 27 inch retina display, so it shows many faders, but they are pretty big):

In “lower zone” mixer you can also drag it up till the very end of the upper edge of the project Window, and for both visualisations drag the dividers (where I putted the red lines):

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@cyril I suggest you to go to the Dorico Youtube Channel and in the search field search for something like “Play”: you will find a ton of tutorials.
Here for example two tutorial by @John_at_Steinberg where the principles of play mode etc. are very well and deeply explained:
this is an older one but very interesting:

this is more recent and also very helpful:

or the also very well made series “How To” by @Anthony_at_Steinberg . Here the link to the Play Mode Playlist:

Please consider that some videos are a couple of years old, and the user Interface changed a little bit. But the principle remain the same.
You can always refer to the manual if you want to deepen a particular aspect.

I Never used it myself, but I was under the impression that that’s exactly what you can do with the advanced tab in the MIDI import dialog.


I was speaking of XML import

I did a trial two times to load Arturia’s CS80, Dorico went in a dead loop
Manage to load Kontakt 5


Thanks found the big mixer
Got it ! very well hidden !

You mentioned how MIDI import didn’t work for you and I tried to give you a tip, as it’s really powerful and maybe better suited for what you are trying to achieve.

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The ideal will be an XML import with the same feature than Midi Import :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Not sure an XML import would be able to supply Dorico with enough instrument info to combine the appropriate parts.

Sure but why insisting to use a screwdriver when what you really need is a hammer?
There are different tools designed for the appropriate use cases.

I HAVE TOLD that I have experiment both Midi and XML, the result with XML is MUCH BETTER, you just need to respect the RULES in DORICO.
DORICO should provide a list of the names that they accept, so you use the same names in Logic. If you write Timpany Dorico does not like it, you must use Timpani !
If Steinberg provide the same import table for XML that will be great

You should read the difference between MIDI and XML. When Dorico will support MIDI 2, that may be different.

STEINBERG is helping with CUBASE and not with LOGIC.

Klafkid : what tools are you speaking about ?