Did anyone manage to create a library using grain zones?

The reason I’m asking is because when I try to build a library with Library Creator and some of the preset use grain zones, the samples used by grain zones don’t appear in the unassigned samples list. Therefore they cannot be added to the vstsound container.

When the library is built, the presets are part of the vstsound, but they still reference the original samples on my computer. This will cause a missing samples problem, when the library is to be used on another computer.

So how to include the samples for grain zones and make them part of the vstsound container?

Hi misohoza,

we just checked this. To our regret, this is a bug.

I created a bug entry, ID “HALLY-6860”. I will keep track of it.

Unfortunately, I did not find a workaround for this. It has to be fixed with the next maintenance update.

Sorry, for the inconvenience and wait this bug causes.

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i’ve got several versions of it up and running.
made a library of one of them and on the test system it seems to be working.
you’ll get a missing sample popup when starting, but this is my fault i guess,
the engine appears to be working though

can you say what the issue is when making the library with grain zones ?

look here:

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can you say what the issue is when making the library with grain zones ?

Hi Roel.
When you drag some presets into Library Creator, all samples used by those presets should appear in the unassigned samples list.

That doesn’t happen for grain zones. Oddly there are no warnings or error messages. It will create the library quite happily but the samples for grain zones are not there.

In the meantime I did find a workaround for this but hopefully the fix will come soon.

aha :slight_smile: that explains why i didn’t get that sample in the library.
i thought i had done something wrong or forgotten it when making that lib

tx for giving me notice of that !

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update on topic:

grains are working now here on HSSE3.

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