Difference Cubasis LE 3 + In-App-Upgrade <-> Cubasis 3 ?

If I do the in-app-Upgrade of Cubasis LE 3 to “Cubasis LE with all the features of the full Cubasis version” - do I really have the full version of Cubasis 3 with all PlugIns & Instruments? Can I import my Cubasis 2 in-app-purchases in this version al well? Or are there any differences left?

Hi Hartmut,

The Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set IAP, updates Cubasis LE 3 with all the features of Cubasis 3.
Previous Cubasis LE 2 instrument and effect in-app purchases can be freely transferred to Cubasis LE 3.

Hope that helps.


Hi Lars,

thanks for your answer.

So if I understand it right it is not possible to transfer the Cubasis 2 (without “LE”) in-app purchases into Cubasis LE 3 with Full Feature Set IAP?!