How to transfer Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3

Dear all,

With the purchase of Cubasis 3, we offer you to freely transfer previous Cubasis instrument and effect in-app purchases to your newest Cubasis 3 app.

(1) The IAP transfer is supported for these apps:

  • Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis LE 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis 3

(2) These are the required steps:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 is installed on your iPad
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app shop
  • Follow the instructions shown in the IAP Transfer pop-up

In some cases, it is required to open the in-app shop in Cubasis 2, once the app has launched itself (being triggered from the “Transfer” popup button).

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I intend to purchase cubasis 3 tonight and will use the above information to transfer my in-app purchases from cubasis 2 to cubasis 3 on the ipad. As there is no cubasis 2.8.2 for iphone, is there a way to transfer the in app purchases on the iphone or must they be repurchased.

BTW, great work on the new app. Looking forward to using it.


Hello. I have Cubase LE (2.8.2) - upgraded to the full version. And I have bought ALL the plugin… the transfer doesn’t seem to work for me.


Hi jeandoka,

Here are the steps again:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 is installed on your iPad
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app shop
  • Follow the instructions shown in the IAP Transfer pop-up*

Once tapping the “Transfer” button in Cubasis 3, Cubasis 2 should be launched with the in-app shop opened.
Please tap the “Transfer” button in Cubasis 2 to start the progress.

Please let me know if it works.

Best wishes,

It will NOT transfer over to the phone… this seems like a great way to double charge users for the IAPs if they’re not careful. Some apps will recognize that you previously purchased IAPs and still show a price but when you “repurchase” it won’t charge you again and let you know it will restore them at no charge. Steinberg somehow got around that and will charge you as many times as you hit the purchase button it seems… as of now, there is Absolutely no way to restore over to your phone except to fork over more cash.


My IAPs transfered to my iPhone. Both iPhone and iPad are signed in under the same appleid.

1- followed the steps to transfer purchases from 2.8.2 to 3.0.
2- downloaded 3.0 to iPhone
3- opened 3.0 on iPhone while having 3.0 on iPad open - don’t know if this last step is necessary but I had all my IAP purchased on my iPhone.


Thanks for confirming that the IAP Transfer worked as expected both on your iPad and iPhone, Rick.


Nope… no confirmation just yet, Lars.

What’s the issue here?

Or this…

Hi Septimo,

The “Restore Purchased” feature restores previous purchases of your Cubasis 3 app.

Please follow the instructions stated in this article, to transfer your previous in-app purchases from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 on your iPad.
Once done, the in-app purchases will appear in Cubasis 3 on your iPhone (logged in to the same App Store account).

Best wishes,

Hello, Lars.

I’ve followed all instructions to the letter… still doesn’t transfer to my phone. I’m logged in to my account and still I’m not getting the results others claim to have. Seems my accounts aren’t syncing. I’ve even deleted the app and downloaded on iPhone after iPad successfully transfered but not to the phone. Seems like a repurchase is the only way to solve this on my end.

Hi Septimo,

Repurchasing the in-app purchases should not be required, and we would not recommend to do it.
Do the iPhone and iPad use the same internet connection?

You may give the devices a restart, and log-off/log-in to the Apple Store again.
As others have confirmed, once the IAP’s have been transferred to the iPad, it should appear on the iPhone as well after a short while.

Hope that helps.


Hey Lars… yeah I’ve tried all that… but I did notice this in mySteinberg account. Where is 3? Does this have anything to do with it? If so, how do we fix this? Thanks for your help.

Hi Septimo,

Thank you for your message.

Your Cubasis registration is unrelated to the IAP Transfer, since in-app purchases are stored in your Apple App Store/iTunes account.
I will get back to you via private message to further evaluate your problems.

Best wishes,

İ am using İpad-2 …I think Cubasis 3.0 needs ios13…so i cannot install Cubasis 3.0…Please help how can İ transfer my Cubasis-2 IAP’s to İphone X? Thanx…

No, it doesn’t work.

I did mention that my version of cubasis 2 is actually cubasis 2 LE updated to the full version.

And yet, your answer seems to confirm that it should work.

However, elsewhere on the forum, it is said that the transfer of in-app purchases would be available on the cubasis 3 LE version …

All this seems contradictory and confusing to me.

I will therefore rephrase my question again.

If I have Cubasis LE 2 and I have paid for a full version update and, in addition, I have already bought all the plugins offered, then in this case, can I, yes or no, transfer my plugins in Cubasis 3?

I am using Cubasis2 on iPadmini2. My iPadmini2 is an old model and cannot be updated to ios13. Therefore my iPadmini2 cannot install Cubasis3. Inevitably I purchased Cubasis3 and installed it on iPhone7plus. And Cubasis2 purchases and installs all plugins at IAP.
However, this plugin cannot be transferred to Cubasis3 of iPhone.
Because Cubasis2 cannot be installed on the iPhone, the two softwares cannot be started on the iPhone, and the transfer popup does not appear. When launching Cubasis2 on iPadmini2 and launching Cubasis3 on iPhone, the transfer popup is not displayed.
Isn’t another person having the same problem?
Cubasis2 and Cubasis3 running with the same AppleID should be transferable between different devices.

Hey @jeandoka I have the exact situation you have. Years ago I purchased a Tascam interface that included Cubasis LE for iOS to download. Once I did so and saw that only 4 audio tracks and 4 MIDI tracks were available I purchased the in app full features IAP. Even though my app was now Cubasis proper, working just like if I’d bought the full version first, the app was still labeled LE.

Cut to the last few days where I’m trying to get the IAP I bought from Cubasis 2 (all of them), to transfer to the newly purchased Cubasis 3 on my iPad Air 3. I have had the same result as you and have sent several bug reports to the developer through the Audiobus forum they are very active on ( I was told that the only way I could transfer my IAP’s was to get Cubasis 3 LE in March and then buy the full features IAP in LE 3.

My insistence that I am and want to be a FULL Cubasis user fell on deaf ears and the “solution” above was repeated. Basically see if Apple will refund me for Cubasis 3, wait three months and then buy Cubasis LE 3, transfer my IAP’s and then purchase the full feature set in Cubasis LE 3. So I’ll have my IAP’s transferred, have all the capability of Cubasis 3, but technically I’ll be a a Cubasis LE3 user so when/if Cubasis 4 rolls around I can expect to go through the same hassle again…

I wrote a thread about it here but it was never posted by the moderators. I went ahead and re-purchased all the IAP’s in Cubasis 3 so if I import projects from Cubasis 2 they will be completely compatible if I used a Waves plug in or Steinberg plug in. I use Cubasis all the time in my PROFESSIONAL project studio, where I earn money helping other musicians/songwriters create demos, full projects, even jingles; getting my IAP’s transferred was necessary to use Cubasis 3 in my studio.

I am a big fan of Cubasis and will still use it, but I won’t forget the way an issue of semantics basicall cost me another $40+. I just don’t see how the developers act surprised that when someone pays to get pro features in an app which then operates JUST LIKE the full version does that they’d then have an expectation of being treated like a pro user.

Ok. So I downloaded C3 on to my wife’s XS Max and was able to transfer the IAPs automatically. So why not on my 8? I thought it was a setting I had off or on so I did all sorts of diagnosis and found nothing. So then I tried my son’s 8 as well… and boom… nothing either. Not able to transfer to the 8. So it’s definitely a problem with the 8 . I can check on a 7 we have laying around somewhere but I’ll have to check that a bit later.

I do not find an answer to a question, somebody ask before.
My issue with Cubasis 3:
I have an old iPad which can not be updated to iOS 13.
I have Cubasis 2 and a lot (all?) IAP (Steinberg and Waves).
I decided to install cubasis 3 to my iphone: No problem so far (beside there is no update price).
It is not possible to install a cubasis 2 with the IAP on my iPhone.
And it is not possible to install a Cubasis 3 on my iPad.
How can I install or transfer my IAP‘s for cubasis 3 on the iPhone (without buying a new iPad (yet) or buying all IAPs again)?