Different Dynamics in Kontakt

I have created 2 instruments within Kontakt.
They are both identical - Oboe Solo from Spitfire.
I call the first ‘Oboe 1’
I call the second ‘Oboe 2’

Tehy are on different midi channels. They both get dynamics via standard CC1 from Dorico (no extra automation).
When I’m writing for example a ‘piano’ in Dorico, I get 2 different velocities, the faders within Kontakt are moving to 2 different positions.
How can that be ? same instrument, same CC number, same dynamic glyphe…different result…I don’t get it.

How did you get the notes into Dorico?

with a none-aftertouch-keyboard…

Sure, but did you use step-time input or MIDI recording? If you used MIDI recording (or imported MIDI in from elsewhere) then there’s a chance that the velocities you played are having an effect.

I used step-time input.

In that case I don’t know - hopefully someone else will chime in with a good answer :slight_smile:

Thanx anyway :slight_smile: I also hope that somebody can help. Sometimes I have long notes and it’s cool if I can alternate between e.x. oboe 1 and 2…but if the dynamics are so different it sounds really ****** - no smooth transition possible.

Playback options / Dynamics / Humanize written dynamics by x%.

IMO the default is too high but setting it slightly above 0% is better than turning it completely off.

If the dynamics are consistently different between two instruments on the same staff, probably the dynamic marks only apply to one voice for some reason. Attaching the score would help sort to solve that problem.

Hi Jazzifaction,

To clarify, when you say the faders are moving to different positions, are you referring to the mod wheel in Kontakt’s GUI keyboard, or to the volume fader in the upper right corner of the instrument?

If the former, that’s very weird and I have no clue what’s going wrong. If the latter, the stuff described in this thread might help:


Hope you get it fixed!

Thanx guys…tried everything, still the same problem…I’ll try some more things…strange strange

The strange thing is that it only happens with the FIRST dynamic sign. Let’s say i have:
bar 1: 1st oboe p
bar 2: 2nd oboe p
bar 3: 1st oboe p
The first p is louder than the second but the second and third have the same velocity, which means that the p - sign in the 1st oboe has 2 different velocities…I even can see the volume sliders moving to different positions …grrrrrrrrr…btw: ‘humanisation’ is on 0%

For me it really looks like as if I get different information for CC1 from Dorico…But even if I put a ‘non visible’ piano-sign in front of the first piano sign under the first note, I get the same result.

ok…I solved it…Playback-Options -> Dynamics -> notated dynamics for the first beat in the bar raise for: put it to 0%