Different looks of Cubase 13?

Hello everyone,
did anybody notice how differently C13 looks for different users? I have really no idea if this issue falls into “unusual graphical artifacts may appear on the user interface under certain circumstances” but I’ve seen this many times on this forum already.
I was seriously shocked how inferior some GUI elements looked on my PC after seeing Dom Sigalas’ and Chris Selim’s (and bunch of others’) videos.
The letters and graphics in their videos (and some of the screenshot postetd here on the forum) is uniform and smooth.
In my Cubase (especially) letters are looking terrible :frowning_face:

Here are the 2 main differences:

  1. M and S buttons: the letter S on my buttons is larger and offset compared to the M letter
  2. edit button “e” looks horrible - the round outline is thinner than the straight line, BUT the same letter on the Tempo track looks nice

I’m not a fan of the new StudioOne-like flat look of the GUI (track controls, insert/send slots and mixer channels look inferior compared to C12) , but on my computer the graphics look REALLY AWFUL.

I use 1920x1080 resolution and a fairly old graphics card but I guess it’s fulfilling minimum system requirements (“graphics card with native Windows 10 support”). I can’t try higher resolution.
I also tried switching the HiDPI mode off with no result.
Cubase 12 is running just fine on the same PC, I 've never had a problem with graphics.

Does this issue have to do anything with 1080 vs 4K resolution?
Honestly I’m really disappointed by this - the new functions and FX are awesome but the GUI is everything.

I thought this might be just my problem, but some of the screenshots posted by other users have the SAME ISSUE - so this is concerning quite a big group of C13 users.


For comparison:

Here’s another of my screenshots - look at the different “e” on the audio channels vs the Tempo track:

And here’s a screenshot from a Youtube user - notice the smooth lettersP:

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And they also have black icons instead of white, so it may be they are using a different Cubase build than the oficial release?

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Nice, I didn’t notice the black track icons :slight_smile:

But a lot of people here on forum posted their screenshots and some of them are higher quality.
If it’s just a matter of higher than full HD resolution, I’d love to know!

Yes ! S is taller than M in project window and M is taller than S in mix console !
what a mess…

I have 3x full HD Screens only and it looks like this on Windows 10 with 100% Scaling:

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Yes Marco, that looks the same in my C13!
The “e” looks even funnier when it’s black on white background :smiley:

Yeah, you’re right! I didn’t notice that on mixer channels “M” is actually bigger than “S” :smiley:
I’m still puzzled why sometimes “e” looks better (?) (arranger track, tempo track)

Icons (two of them record arm and monitor) are black when you have no selected input bus to a track.

The new GUI, is a bad idea, at least they could have left them both for the user to choose.

How is it possible that someone prefer the new one???


Yes, but I was referring to the track type icon on the left. If you see, they are all black, including the ones on the marker and tempo tracks.

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OK, after looking at some more screenshots, I guess the answer to different looks is the screen resolution.
OP in this thread uses much higher than full HD resolution:

So I believe that full HD (1920x1080) is NOT ENOUGH for having smooth Cubase 13 graphics (minimum required resolution is only 1440x900!)
That’s a huge disappointment for me :frowning:

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I think you can get some good looks with a little time spent but there a couple of things still , they have been mentioned enough so . i love the pastel look

Looks even better with the dark window colour instead of bright white

Same here, on 2x 1280 x 1024 it doesn’t look good. Blurred fonds and all.
While on Dom Sigalas screens it looks fine. Probably 4k.
I was thinking to get a 32” Quad HD (2560 x 1440) screen but now I’m not sure. Any advice on what works? I like “font size” on above-mentioned resolution screens. How does this translate to 4k size wise? 40 inch?

I know I can fine tune the colours and stuff but I’m really just concerned about how blurry and ‘unprofessional’ all the fonts look.
Your screenshot shows the same problem as mine - are you using 1920x1080? Just look at the mixer channel knobs: M, S, L, e. They are all different size, it really looks like 1080 has been ‘truncated’ from some higher resolution.
It’s totally crazy, because C12 switches look so much better - I know that Steinberg probably wanted to get rid of the ‘3D’ look and make everything flat but if the fonts are not SHARP, then it’s very hard to read. Also the fonts are too thick in some cases (channel section labels: Inserts, Sends, etc.)


Same here. I want to move to 21:9 but I’m not sure if (for example) 1440 will be enough.

Yes im on HD , im not disagreeing with you about the font’s i have my own grips , im just merely showing other users you can Tame the default OTT setup very nicely ,BUT there still needs ajustments on stuff that has been mentioned

Actually I have never changed the default look of Cubase before - apart from turning it a little bit darker when it got possible back in the day :slight_smile:
But it seems that C13 might need additional tweaking!
Thanks for the tip.

I’m on FHD (1920X1080) and Cubase 13 font is much less clear than with C12.
There’s a sort of “jump effect” when scrolling menus (especially with large ones like the “Audio” tab for exemple).

I don’t know what’s going on but the result is clearly not the same.

I’m on UHD+ screen (3840*2400) 200% scaling and I feel it is still not that great. The fonts are smaller and some UI elements are squeezed (especially things in the Inspector) compared to Cu12.