different shapes of Brackets in one Score

I am not sure whether or not it is mentioned before…

Can we you different shapes of brackets in one score such like round egded brackets for instruments (strings, ww…) and straight edged brackets for choir/voices?
This is required by almost all established Europoean publishers.

You mean curly braces, straight brackets with “wings” at the top and bottom, and then thin sub-brackets outside the straight brackets? Absolutely.

Would multiple, nested levels of “outside thin sub-brackets” be possible, however limited their use might be?

How about a possibility of using curly braces as sub-brackets, and even mixing those styles (e.g. rectangular sub-brackets for percussion, curly style sub-brackets for violins…? just for example’s sake) in one score?

ViliRobert, Daniel addressed some of these issues in this thread:

I’m not sure about nested levels of outside thin sub-brackets, but I’ve had to do that in a couple of situations so it would be a useful feature to have available.

Daniel, what I meant is something like this:

Choir and Strings have dif. shapes beside the common piano brace

Thanks for the clarification. At this point I don’t anticipate that you would be able to change the design of the bracket ends on a per-bracket basis, but you would be able to choose whether the bracket has the curly “wings”, or joins the systemic barline by way of a straight line, or doesn’t join the systemic barline at all, which are in my experience the most commonly-used variations for the bracket.

Will it be possible to change the shape of the wings? (is it in the font, vs being hard-coded like Score or Finale?)

Yes, the bracket ends are drawn from the music font.

What about the curly braces? They are supposed to be optically adjusted based on the distance between staves. Are these adjustments made from a selection of font characters (e.g. the brace glyphs in Bravura)?

Yes, Dorico chooses one of the four different brace shapes provided in Bravura depending on the distance between the braced staves.