Difficulty selecting notes in a chord

I love the shift-arrow keys method to define selection, but when used on a note in a chord, shift+vertical arrow keys selects the entire chord. I cannot find an easy way to select specific notes in a chord - apart from the marquee system which is very buggy (e.g. often just holding down left mouse button with the cursor on a blank area of the page does not start the marquee process but selects notes or items somewhere nearby).

Is there a method I’m missing?


Try using the up/down arrow keys once you choose the chord. Up-arrow selects a single note moving up from the bottom, and down-arrow selects from the top down.

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Hold down Option-Shift (or Alt-Shift on Windows) and keep clicking until you get the one you want.

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No, the up arrow does not select a single note. It selects the entire chord (and sometimes other elements as well).

What works for me:

Click on the chord, and then press the up-arrow or down-arrow to move through the individual notes of the chord. Only one note at a time should highlight.

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True, if you just want to highlight one note. But, if you want to highlight two notes, what then? For example, I want to copy the bottom two notes of a chord to the staff below. There’s a convenient key command to do so, you just need to highlight notes first…

The only keypresses available for extending the selection will, in this case, select the whole chord. In the situation you describe, I usually zoom in a few times until the chord is large enough to be able to click on the notes without accidentally selecting the wrong one. After selecting the first note I then use either shift-click for notes in the chord which do not have any other notes between them or, for non-adjacent notes, cmd-click (this is on a Mac, the Windows equivalent is probably ctrl-click). When zooming, keep in mind that Dorico zooms in to what is centred in the window, not to what is selected. So, if your chord is in the centre of the window, you will be fine. If it is off to one side, it will possibly move out of view as you zoom in.

Honestly, the easiest solution is to press Z several times to hyper-zoom-in. Makes it simple.

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So I have been using Ctrl-Click to select the notes I want… it’s just much slower - and when you’re doing this 40 times in a row it adds up.

I appreciate the help though!

If you want one note in a row of chords, filtering works well. (Nobody mentioned it yet.)

If you want multiple notes, you can filter to deselect the ones you don’t want.


@madfloyd Yes filtering is the way. You can set key commands for that. And then move the note or notes between staves. You can also filter the notes of a big selection at one time and move it.

Thanks, guys, I’ll try that!