Dimension V for Roli Seaboards


Available soon (when I can get i shop page up and running :wink:)
The Dimension V library, tailored for the Roli Seaboard (Rise and blocks)

5 Dimensions (touch, glide, slide, lift and push) of modulation and focused on ambient, musical FX and soundscapes.

Check out the video :


I have a seaboard rise 49. This sounds like a cool library! Good to see that someone is looking out for us.

This looks great… will it be compatible with all mpe controllers? I have the linnstrument which i believe works to the same standard as roli

I do not have the Linn my self, but i’m pretty confident it’ll work, cause like you said, they use the same principles! You just need to map the Note Expressions used to the proper MIDI controllers and it’ll work :wink:

I have to wait till the update for H6 comes out, before I can make the library public as there are some minor Hick ups with the actual version that I can deal with, with the update! Stay tuned… :wink:

Well guess what… It’s live, downloadable and FREE!!
You can find the download link in the subscription of the video.

Happy Xmas :slight_smile: