Direct e-mail address required for United Kingdom Cubase Technical Support

Having tried to contact telephone support on numerous occassions and being unable to get through.
Would a Steinberg Employee on this forum please be kind enough to give me a DIRECT e-mail support address for United Kingdom purchasers of Cubase
I have tried to submit a ticket but am just running around in circles.
Many Thanks

You can contact Steinberg Support through your MySteinberg:

You should receive an email confirming that your ticket has been successfully created.

Sorry mate but that’s the link I’ve been trying,just keeps taking to a main page that has me running around in circles,just looking for tech support

This is the page it takes me to,I’m just running around in circles

Do you already have a MySteinberg account? If not, then go to the main page of the Steinberg website and click the MySteinberg icon in the top right-hand corner in order to register, or to login if you’ve already registered.

From there you can raise a support ticket.

I’m registered,tried the submit ticket,doesn’t work,tried phoning can’t get through.

What phone number did you call?

+49 (0)40 401 10125

Did you leave the Zero out? You know you are calling a German number?

Yes I know it’s Germany

It did work for me recently, so can you provide any detail of how it’s not working for you?

I am given this option which isn’t any good because I want to contact technical support

Regardless of what option I choose it just takes me to the

This support is let’s give your articles to read ,which is fair enough but that doesn’t sort my problem, scroll down the options on this page and it takes back to the create support ticket option which is how I ended up on that page in the first place lol,Steinberg are actually claiming to give you e-mail support on the above page,which then runs you back to the create a support request link that was offered by Romantique.
Did you make contact via ticket or telephone.

By ticket, but my query was in fact about licensing.

So, it would seem that Steinberg official support is not dealing with technical issues other than those that have to do with registration, activation or licensing. @Romantique_Tp, would it be possible to get the official Steinberg position on this? How does one go about obtaining actual product support these days?

@Hiya, you may in fact have more luck and a faster response if you create a seperate topic detailing your technical issue. We are a small army of unpaid volunteer support on this forum.

I’ve tried,but I’m straight to the point and state that my version of Groove Agent is unstable and Actually unusable,which it is,I then state the word Refund, which I am quite within my rights to do.
Steinberg take top dollar for Cubase and Groove Agent,all I am looking for is a stable version of Groove Agent SE 5 or a solution to the problem which this time is not my fault.
This is the same problem as numerous other purchasers on this forum.
If need to I will write to Steinberg management in Germany,I’ve paid my money and I expect a stable product that works.
As you have noticed the same as me their is no direct ticket to get technical support.
The fact that I need to go to this extent,says it all.
Other users have referred to their non usable version of Groove Agent as making a donation to Steinberg.

Questions about purchases are done with the Steinberg shop. It’s shown on the support website in a big box.

In a big box lol

I’m sure this is just misconfigured. When I start a ticket tech support is one of the choices.

This is your browser acting up, not a problem on the Steinberg side.


As far as I know, Steinberg is currently providing full technical support as normal. According to Ed Doll, the backend for requesting support will eventually be updated to be less convoluted, but for now, please do the following:

Those getting the page above should select “Other Inquiry (not for technical support)”. You’ll then be directed to this page below, which will allow you to select the correct option:

The fact that you’re being taken back to the main page is weird, but like steve said, this is most likely either your browser, some add-on, or your internet connection. There are multiple recent mentions of other users being able to contact Support normally.

Ok I’ll try a different browser, just in case it’s Google,