Direct Offline Process Tails

Hi guys can’t seem to find this anywhere in the forums, I’m trying to add tails (also listen to the tails) on stereo/mono audio files but I can’t seem to get it to work, in the old offline process window I’d just put a value eg: 500ms then I could hear the tail of lets say a reverb till 500ms but when I try doing it now, nothing seems to happen, can someone please help

Also, another workflow I can’t seem to get working is using the range tool on an audio event (eg: noise reduction to learn the noise profile) then I’d select the same audio file in the pool so that I can effect the whole file, but Nuendo doesn’t focus on the file in the pool no matter what I do, it only effects the range selection, or if I get rid of the range selection and have no audio files selected, DOP tells me there are no audio files selected no matter how many times I click on the file in the pool (or any file in the pool)

problem number 3, if I have a range selected and use any plugin (eg: eq for finding a frequency to notch out ) when eventually want to treat the whole file and select it with the selector tool, the DOP still focuses on the range that I previously had selected and not the whole file that I’ve now just selected, this also happens if I remove the range and select another section in the audio file, it stills plays the initial range, this is surely a bug no?

Good day @SizMixing
For problem one, this looks like the answer: Direct OFFline Processing - Tails - #14 by SubZ125

Thanks, that seems to work once I’ve committed the effect but unfortunately I can’t monitor the effect with the added tail on, it cuts off at the end of the selection/event