Disable the cross on the ruler line.

Is there any way to disable the cross on the ruler line? It really is compromising my workflow.


Yes, this is terrible.

Also, it would be really good to make enabling cycle mode when clicking in the upper section of the timeline a preference.

I personally have absolutely no need for it to switch to cycle mode automatically when clicking there ever; in fact, it hampers my workflow as I use a lot of retrospective record, and when enabled it stretches midi parts that are captured that way to the cycle length…meaning ridiculously long midi parts with barely anything in them, which i then have to trim down.

So this ‘feature’ is a time waster, and I noticed when i kept track of how often it happens is about 90% of the time I use the timeline, as it is quite narrow and it’s too easy to click in the cycle area by accident.

I also wish the time rulers were scalable…

“I also wish the time rulers were scalable…”


No, there is no way to disable this feature that gets in the way. Many people complained about this on the Cubase forum when the timeline cross and how it switches to cycle mode were implemented as they are a couple years later now in Nuendo. I’ never got used to it (it’s simply poor GUI design, I’m afraid) and still curse it all of the time. It hampers workflow significantly, so I hope they change it.

Being back on PT while waiting for Steinberg to get their Mac GUI act together has really underlined how things like this need to be changed/fixed in Cubendo; they’re not professional acting or feeling, and only serve to hamper workflow by way of comparison to PT.

Yes, I meant to say that the two rows ruler is annoying to say the least.
Hope steinberg figures this out, I bought the upgrade and still rely on N7 every day.


Nothing on this subject addressed on V8.1?

Yes. If you read the change document, you will see it clearly spelled out.

Agreed it would be good to be able to toggle on and off the cycle markers in the ruler. Maybe there is a way to disable this in the preferences. Anyone?!

Don’t get what you mean by scalable time rulers. Insofar as I understand it, you can in 8.1 click in the ruler and drag up and down to scale the time, much like it is done in Ableton Live. Control + Scroll wheel [PC] on the mouse does the same thing using.

+1 I hate that cross switching at the ruler! I can’t understand why they changed it.

Crosshairs like this are used for maximum precision, but this one is a bit too thick to be useful. It obstructs the view.

I would prefer to see them refining the idea rather than removing it outright.

I’m trying to understand what “cross” this is about. The mouse cursor?

+1. The crosshair is a backwards step.

Yes. In Cubase and Nuendo it’s this huge thing:

This isn’t very useful as a crosshair, because you can barely see anything behind it.

For comparison, the one in Wavelab is bigger and not as thick, so you can easily use it to aim at super specific spots of the ruler

Yeah, I agree it’s not great, though it didn’t bother me personally.

I don’t like this too, and cycle control on top is not good for me, lots of missclicks :nerd:
I am trying ‘Locate when clicked in Empty Space’ option in Preferences -> Transport, but it works really sluggish, much slower for me compared to clicking in top ruler, and sometimes it just ignores my clicks :cry: I’m on Windows btw

That feature is indeed far from ideal.

Thanks for the illustration. I get what people are talking about and yes a better solution should be implemented.

I don’t know why I need a crosshair - it doesn’t communicate what I’m doing at all when i’m clicking there.
How about a vertical line? Or how about no change to the cursor at all?
The vertical line would at least allow you to zero in on a bar or time point.

Also, imho the timeline should be larger (taller), preferable user scalable and have a separate bar THAT IS NOT PART OF THE MAIN TIMELINE for making looping/locator selections.

Keep the main timeline for navigating…
Keep a separate bar/timeline for loop and locator selections.

The combined timeline is a joke and more often than not, does the opposite of what I need it to do, i.e activating loop when i don’t need it to, or incidentally moving locator points when I’m trying to navigate around.

Do it like PT, Logic, whatever. Just don’t do it like this.

I can now say that in C9.5 you can locate at any location using Alt+Shift and clicking, so the mouse should no longer have to go over the ruler. This should make it over to Nuendo in the future.