Purchased Cubasis last night. I’m very disappointed in the performance of it.

Feels like I have wasted my money.

Ipad Specs: IPAD2 32GB ( IOS 7.0.4 ), 15GB Free, Cubasis 1.7.1, Latest Audiobus

All Apps closed, etc etc etc… ( i read the procedure ), using AB with 512 frame buffer

Problems experienced :

  1. Audio stutter/slight pause at the start of a new bar on midi tracks, and sometimes on audio tracks as well. I see many complaining about this.

  2. As a test created about 40 midi tracks and tried to mixdown to see if my ipad could cope, but parts of the audio was missing completely ( silence ) and the audio was completely distorted ( levels ? )

  3. Mixdown - adding new midi track is not included in a mixdown. If you choose a different file format (M4A) and do a mixdown the new track is included, which means I need to go back and redo the mixdown in WAV to have all tracks included. Can someone try this and confirm this is a problem ?

  4. Just did a single track Mixdown of Sunrizer, and I can hear what sounds like static crackling in the Mixdown, again using AB with 512 samples buffer…this is just unworkable for me.

    Steinberg - any chance of a refund or something ?

I now regret not having bought Auria.

Please guys - any feedback on this ?

There is a lot of talk on the audiobus forums about iPad 2 maybe having issues with Cubasis - do have a look there for more info.

Also you have bought it at it’s most (reported) bug prone release 1.7.

It’s a shame that Steinberg officials have gone very quiet on the forums over the last month+ after the 1.7 and 1.71 updates. A fairly amount of people are reporting issues with no acknowledgement, which looks to be denting Steinberg’s reputation among avid users.

Hopefully 1.8 will come soon with both additional features and more stability / bug fixes - but until Steinberg make any communication re bug fixes or releases, we’re all just guessing.

You can apply to Apple for a refund if you feel you were miss sold, not the dev themselves. Sadly, I doubt they will reply to this thread.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for 1.8 and see if some of these issues are sorted out. If not, I’ll ask Apple for a refund.


We all awaiting 1.8 release since December and yes I quite agree 1.7 was the most buggy version so far and Sreinberg reps on the forum being quite since then.
Let’s hope 1.8 would be release soon and some the reported problems being fixed.


We are investigating this problem!

Hello all,

We are planning to release another 1.7 maintenance update (1.7.2) before 1.8 that will improve the performance and address many user reported problems.

For the official announcement and some extra recommendations pleas follow the link bellow:


Best regards,

Hi everyone.
I am also experiencing almost complete downtime status with my iOS productions, and it has to be iOS 7 that’s the problem. I purchased Cubasis when it came out and have recently been trying to use it because of its excellent IAA implementation.
I’ll have to check my signature here as I haven’t been around for awhile but my specs are-
iPad 3 16gb
Cubasis latest
iOS 7 also latest as of writing
Akai EIE
Axiom 25
Akai MPd 32

The experience is terrible and not usable in any way- on loading of any IAA synth (I have Nave, iSEM, alchemy )
The audio just breaks up immediately. I’ve tried every setting change, method of booting up with the cck, even alternate cck’s (both apple btw) to no avail.
This happens in cubasis and BM2 (main daws for sequencing) and auria (auria lasts a bit longer before the audio breakup), and it just is not possible to make music this way.
What did apple do to the OS? Sometimes you can see strange outlines of graphics modules etc as if it’s a beta. Unbelievable!
It’s certainly not my intention to blame dev’s, as this is not affecting any one Daw, but all that I own. Even with a fresh boot and just loading up any synth, this stuttering audio happens within one minute or so…

Any insight into the root cause of this disasterous change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 would be appreciated!

nope, this issue “works” with iOS6 too…
did what steinberg reps told us to do ( killing other apps / 512 samples ), no joy…we’re talking 1!!! synth through AudioBus into cubasis!!!
iPad2 16GB on iOS 6.1.3

iOS 7 is definitely a huge factor.

I have and iPad 3 64gb. With iOS 6 I was able to run 5 or 6 synths simultaneously. Now with iOS 7 I’m lucky if I get 2 before it chokes up. And thats not even using Cubasis. That’s with any sequencer driving the synths. I monitored CPU while the audio was stuttering and choked up, it wasn’t even 50%.

Fortunately for me, I made an appointment with the geniuses who provided me with a new (refurbished iPad) via Applecare+, which to my delight came with iOS 6.1.3. Yay for me, My iPad 3 doesn’t feel like a puny weakling anymore. I have no intention of upgrading to iOS 7 until at least 7.1, if ever.

iOS 7 really screwed over alot of devs and customers and Cubasis is feeling the pain of this blunder called iOS 7. I really believe that the issues we are seeing are because of iOS 7. I know that alot of you are seeing issues with iOS 6 but this only started after Steinberg tried to update Cubasis with compatibility for iOS 7 and the disaster that is Inter-App Audio. Apple’s implementation is really lack luster and feels half finished.

Cubasis is still my favorite app for iPad despite it’s current issues and I have full confidence that Steinberg will keep improving it. I cannot say the same for Apple at this point unfortunately. I can only hope that they will get their shit together and fix iOS 7. The only thing I miss from iOS 7 is Korg Gadget, which I purchased the day before I got my iPad replaced and didn’t consider the fact that it is iOS 7 only. It ran like shit anyway. I only got 3-4 tracks simultaneously before my iPad couldn’t handle it.

@phooka thanks for sharing your experience.
I suspect that the lack of stories like this in relation to ios7 is due in part to most new users are rocking iPad 4/air and have more horsepower before the audio crumbles.

Even the audiobus dev’s have warned against updating, even though audiobus2 is imminent (which is also ios6 compatible). I feel like they know something we should know. Like how is it that Apple have tightened dramatically the ability for apps to share memory, yet audiobus continues unabaded.
Maybe Apple bought their technology and have imbedded it in ios7, I don’t know. There is also talk on the web about audiobus 2 being simply a IAA host, but then how would it work in ios6 if it wasn’t the same technology? Questions questions…
Good luck posting anything on the audiobus forum that’s critical or may be seen as negative. Its a big love-in over there…

Anyway, I for one will have to wait for 7.1 as I don’t have the time anymore to beta test iOS 7.
Back to the desktop and protools.

And now that you mention it, @phooka , BM2 didn’t start acting erratically until they became ios7 compliant (I had updated BM2 before “upgrading” to ios7 as well)…
Doing a google search brings up no serious conversation about this… Anyone else care to chime in?

Just so there is plenty of info as to why this is happening-
Rusty over at the Beatmaker 2 forum had these findings concerning RAM usage:

Hi phooka,

might be true. However i have iPad Air with 64 GB with iOS 7. If i use Cubasis Version 1.6, it does work absolutely fine. Once i upgraded to 1.7 / 1.71 i had issues with Audio stuttering.
I could recover my Cubasis 1.6 from the recycle bin and don’t experience similar issues like with the 1.7 Version.
Could be a mixture of both? iOS issues and Cubasis issues?