Discount for ostinate Steinberg-Costumers?

Should Steinberg give a Discount for good of their Costumers?

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hello anybody,

ive got a problem. it is more a question for anybody instead a problem, but.. and before anyone is saying: the products got their worth and value to pay, and i get stinky answers to this thread, that this is still, what you have to spend to get such high-professional Soft-and Hardware, and that the quality of these is it worth. (i know that the quality of the products disserve its price, but in this thread it isn´t about to justify the price/ the worth of the quality, because i know it´s best. the purpose of this thread, is just to honour good staunch costumers of Steinberg, and maybe set this in a fair compensation to them. In the last time i want to purchase any of the Steinberg-Products, because its very good and i want to use it in my productial environment. i aim for example the Absolute 2 VST Instrument Collection. i want to buy this and i know there are really good things in it, which i could use for my current Sequencer/DAW. I don`t got so much money now to buy every good product they got. i just can´t do this, i have to maintain myself and also other people in my family, which need their things to live. but I´ve had already bought very much of the Steinberg-Products and stuck a lot of bucks into their company. So, for me it would be a useful and fair act, that the company admit the things i´ve done (bought) for/of them. and compense this in a fair equalisation. So my ask is: Should Steinberg give a Discount for good obstinate costumers?

Ive already made this thread in the german forum: here, , and get many various answers. now ive conversed and discussed with somebody here in the english forum for that and finally i´ve get the inspiration to made this thread.

Thankx to all who read

No, Absolute 2 is already a pretty good deal. You’re basically only paying for Halion 5 and Groove Agent 4 and getting a bunch of stuff for free with them.

Thanks for your answer, but this is not only about Absolute 2 VST Instrument Collection, which i may want to buy, and as written above i think too that the quality is at it´s best for that, what you get for that price, but the purpose of this thread is independent from the worth–price-relation. it´s just about all what i want to purchase from Steinberg forward in next months/years, I´d already bought Products from Steinberg, which had cost me in total, several thousand dollars. for cases, like me, who really had invested very much in the Products of Steinberg in the past years, it would be a nice and more than fair compensation, if Steinberg would appreciate that, that we have had stuck already a lot of money into them and even yet keep their receipts on hot going.

I think it is a good idea that any company give their existing customer a slight discount for loyalty. Maybe the more you have spent the higher the discount.

In MySteinberg account I have a “Special Voucher” available (until 12/01/2016) to use if I purchase CB LE 8 for a “special price”. Well, I’m never going to purchase CB LE 8 because I already own CB Pro 8.5 but… if that voucher was for a 5 to 15% discount off of something I don’t already own that Steinberg sells on there website then… now that would be cool and I would probably purchase something.

But… even more-so, I would feel like a valued loyal customer. Right now, except for “upgrade pricing” we get the same deals offered to any one.

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Upgrade pricing is based on where you are coming from. It is already discounted.

That’s what I said in my post. :slight_smile:

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As a loyal Steinberg customer owning a substantial amount of their products, I tried purchasing both h/w and s/w under EDUCATIONAL discounts last year - but the whole process was so very convoluted and when the maths was worked out, the savings were barely negligible!



but not all, if my actual Audio-interface gets damaged and i may want to buy another audio-interface( for example: the UR824), i have to pay the normal price. the discount on this offers is just on a few of these, but that´s the problem, if i want to buy a diffrent thing than in upgrading or cross-grading relation, there´s no discount for it, even though i´d already paid them several thousand dollars…


I am pretty sure that you would have to start at ground zero again, unless you could wangle a discount out of sympathy from Steinberg? On a much smaller scale, I have gotten through 5 x faulty eLicensors in as many years and had to pay for full whack for replacements (including shipping of the faulty models back to Steinberg tech support for anaysis!).


ya, i know and i´d already a lot of additional expenses, too. i may think, that this should be changed in future…


In all fairness, the helpful guys on the sharp end do try to do their very best at all times and I appreciate their continued assistance. I am sure that their hands are tied as regards to applying such discounts because the decisions are made at a much higher level.


I´ve never said, that it´s not worthful, what they do and that the products/the assictance aren´t it worth, to get this prices, but my sight is not this. it´s independend from this. what i mean is, when i´ve already had bought much of their ware/ products, it would be fair to the costumer, who spend really much in their company, that the company would aprreciate that. the discounts, that they already have are good and fair, nothing more about to say. but there are several products, of which you can´t get a fair discount in the relation. Other companies do that, but Steinberg not. i just want a fair tribute, to the ones, who purchase(d) tons of money for their products, but this keeps the company total out of view. by the way i think, Steinberg would not not benefit, from this act. the more i can get reduced, the more i would purchase by them.


I was not implying that it was your viewpoint (regarding the regular Steinberg Team’s ability to issue such discounts) was in agreement with my own views. It was my own statement in isolation (hence I did not include and quoted verbatim!).

I would have purchased circa £300+ worth of merchandise last year if Steinberg had applied Educational Discount. However, as stated, they did/would not (even though it was advertised!) and so they lost on 2 x sales from me. Probably, £300 is not a big sale for them I dare say and so they could feel they have only lost out pittance-wise.



In many ways, I find Steinberg is going down the same route as MICROSOFT, however that is a debate which is already active elsewhere on the forum.


i just think they should improve all things what are remain possible, because they are an awesome company, but they don´t know anyhow to set the things, what they can and how they can do that, on the main-stage.

Makes good business sense.

if this is a question. of course, not, but when everybody got an advantage of it( i mean we talk about Steinberg and not of a melt-down reactor company), than or in this case, ya, maybe…

Sure companies should reward old loyal customers !!! But I neva seen one (big company) do this, once they think your a customer they dont try to make you stay, they forget you could go see somewhere else. They believe once you’ve paid a software you wxil lstay loyal to that brand forever!

So yeah they could seek for longtime customers, or customers that have bought x products and send you a mail with a “personal” discount !!! SURE THAT WOPULD MAKE CUSTOMERS TO NOT WISH CHANGING BRAND !

( I hate that capitalist way of selling products like “once you paid, we dont give a f*** bout you anymore till we get your money again”)

LOL (sorry no disrespect but just LOL)


wtf?! :confused: