Disk Overload Error Audio Export. Still in C9?

Hey folks, some of us have been experiencing this nasty bug that prevents doing an audio export with external hardware in the chain as explained here:

Hopefully it’s gone in C9, can anyone shed some light?

I got round the issue in 8.5 by setting the start of the part to start a couple of bars before the MIDI in it. That worked most of the time for me.

However, so far in 9 i’ve not had to do that.

So you mean that in 9 you can do an audio mixdown with external fx without any workaround?

I guess I’ll have to wait for the demo.

I can export through outboard in both versions, there is no bug, real time export is simply more demanding of the hardware, with non-real time the export can ebb and flow with the resources available - which is not possible with realtime export.

I took the precaution to say that some of us were having this bug. I also encourage you to check the link to the discussion.
On my system, I am getting the error even with one single audio track, on external hardware insert.