Disturbing, eye-unfriendly light/dark contrasts in menus and icons

Which is why most websites (including this one) are dark text on white? Most text writing programs such as microsoft word?

Wtf are you going off about mate?

What software are you experiencing? Video programs maybe, that’s because if one is working with video they don’t want distracting colours/light - they only want to be monitoring that within the video itself, not the video editor.

The only reason there was ever white text on black is because the early days of computer that was the most sensical low power way to display any graphic on screen. The modern reason today, would be in coding programs, but that’s because coders color-code the different types and sections of code to make it easier to identify different parts of what they are working on which otherwise just looks like a jumble of text, ie it’s hard to see yellow on white, bright green on white, etc, etc…

I have a relatively new screen, it’s a LG ultrawide, not quite 4k, but it’s in the 3k pixel range, everything looks clear and is easy to read until I start looking at Cubase dialogue boxes, preset lists, etc, etc. This is undeniable. Terrible GUI design.

There are already pages and pages of people on the Cubase forum discussing this.

no contest as to which is better.


Not to mention, the darker a screen, the more it becomes reflective to external light… lights in your room, gear lights on your desk, sunlight, etc.