Divisi_condense divisi_Am I missing something?

After creating a (new divisi), I do not get the expected result if I turn to page view. Tied note dissapear and some slur dissapear as well. These to pictures show the prolem. Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks for your help
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It’s generally best to put divisi changes either before or after ties, rather than mid-tie. Try putting the divisi change at the start of bar 27 instead, and add the tied A on the lower staff in bar 27 manually (which is arguably clearer/safer in general anyway, as that is the beginning of the phrase at which the players’ parts diverge).

Merci Lillie, that works,
but the slur at bar (25) in the violin I still does not appear as it should do ,
at that point, v.1 and v.2 should have the same articulation.



Have you tried adding a condensing change at the start of b27 and making sure the staves are divided into separate voices, to allow them to show different slurs as needed?

The slur I’m talking about is at bar 25, prior to the divisi which happens at bar 27.
My interrogation is why is that slur dissapear even befor the section is divided ?
…That being said, how can I add a condensing change? :slightly_smiling_face:


For specific advice about why something is happening/not happening in a particular project, please share the project file (or a version of it that you have cut down to just enough bars/players to demonstrate the issue). This is particularly relevant for issues relating to condensing, which are very context-sensitive.

For information about condensing changes, see the Operation Manual:

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Yup, the divisi ties disappearing is something that’s been tricky to deal with for a while. I wrote about it in May 2019 (below) and Daniel confirmed it’s on their list to fix, but obviously the team hasn’t had time since then to get to it.

Hi again Lillie,

here is the file.
The problem is at bar 24-25 :
The tie in v.1 should acte the same way it does in v.2 and I am unable to slur the phrase as it is done in v.2…I amm puzzled!
Medley.dorico (1.7 MB)



I won’t complain to much, i know it is a small team but I hope they will focus on the ‘‘notation’’ aspect of (bug fixing) for the next version.

Thank you for the update


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You need to add the condensing change at the start of b27, not in b24, because that is where the music on the Violin 1 staff changes from needing one voice to needing two. Moving the condensing change to the start of b27 prompts the slur to appear as expected (provided it’s present in bb24-25: when I opened your file, the slur was missing).