DMX for dummies, help please

Hello, I’ve been lurking on here for the past week trying to research an answer to why I can’t get VST Live Pro 2 to speak to my DMX lighting.
In devices I have set up the output to DMX: FT232R USB UART Out which is going to an Enttec Open DMX USB.
I have recorded a few channel changes to put a PAR can into the RGB channel control and change each R, G & B channel to increase their intensity and put that into an 8 bar loop on repeat.
The DMX channel is monitoring and shows DMX signals
The inspector shows DMX Mixer in as input and Open DMX (DMX: FT232R USB UART Out) as the output but the lights do not respond.

The DMX setup responds perfectly well when using Q Light controller plus

I have noticed that the output select marker on the DMX channel is grey so not sure if I’m missing something?

Any help appreciated as I’m stumped.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t the DMX track output be the Open DMX(USB)? Your image shows it is DMX Mixer Out.

I agree, it should, I have tried the output with the Open DMX selected but I still get no response from the fixtures

I’d be interested to know if this should be highlighted in some way
DMX Out2

… are you working with the latest VST Live 2.0.13 (Pre-Release) version? You can download it here


Hi Michael, I wasn’t, but now I am, the issue unfortunately persists.

Hello @Spork , Do you have any suggestions that I could look at to correct the issue?
The reason I bought this software was primarily due to the DMX implementation and it has Steinberg’s name on it. I’m hoping there’s an answer out there somewhere.

Thanks for your support.

… that’s a bug, we’ll fix that.


… channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the channels you want to send to your hardware? Just asking, because we had no reports that a Enttec Open DMX USB is not working. Some minutes ago I tested 2.0.13 with that Enttex interface. And all is fine.

Hm, currently there is another thread around. This one. We found out that version 1.4.9 has broken the support of some DMX interfaces.
If you have the time, can you please install 1.4.8 (you can run it with the VST Live 2 license) and see if all is working for you?

And have you tried a fresh project? Something like

  1. Start VL, Select TRACKS
  2. Add DMX Track
  3. Create a clip from 2.1 to 3.1
  4. Add some events to channel 2
  5. Select “FT232R USB UART Out” as an Output
  6. Move Playhead to 2.1
  7. Start Transport

Does this work?

Hello @Spork,
I’ve tried older version (1.4.7) and followed your instructions & tried new projects in 2.0.13.
I’ve downloaded a couple of other DMX programs to check if they work, Freestyler and DMX control 3 and both seem to operate the fixtures without issues.
I’ve taken the fixtures off a wireless DMX TX RX and plugged them in directly to the interface and the only application I cannot get any response from is VST Live Pro, which is a real shame.
Of all the apps I really wanted to work with it was VST Live so it’s a little frustrating when I purchased the software primarily for the DMX functionality.
I get the feeling this will remain a mystery for some time.

Hello, @Spork @Argy
I don’t know if this will help, but on my setup (ENttech open DMX USB + eurolite led bar 12) i had to set my start Channel adresse on 5 on the led bar in order to control it with the Channel 1 on VST live… I don’t know if the bug is on VST Live, on the Enttech or on the Led bar :sweat_smile: once i discovered that everything is working great, praying that new VST live releases won’t fix this bug without the possibility of copy/paste channels :grin:

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You sir, are a wonderful person.
It seems all the mapping gets skewed, I added control signals up to channel 20 and random lights started changing
I need to go through and work out which channels are which not and set up some templates (if such a thing exists!)
Looks like there is a solution to the problem and also an indication of a re-occurring issue that I’m hoping will be tackled by your team!
Although I think myself and Matt might want to have a file converter to bump all our existing DMX tracks to the corrected ones :wink:

I’ll have a play to see if I can identify the channel offset on my installation and report back.

Thanks again Matt, I’ll document my progress in this thread for any future or existing users that may find themselves with a similar issue.

Have a good weekend :+1:

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@Faye_Adams : you had exactly the same or similar DMX ch offset with your USB2DMX dongle, am I right?

OK, I added 5 to every fixture address and now I have control, I have noticed that I need to send most signals twice to get the fixtures to respond and that when looping sections VST Live likes to miss the 1st command.
To help resolves this doubling of signals, would @Spork consider increasing the quantise values to 32nds on DMX tracks?
Cheers again @JOHANSSON_MATT

Yes, I have this exact same issue!

While I’m here… I can’t seem to get VST live to see my Eurolite USB-DMX-512-PRO interface. Have installed the drivers but for some reason VST live can’t see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Mac OS 14.1.1

… are you running the latest Pre-Release, 2.0.14? Which can be downloaded here

… that’s on our list, yes.

… I guess the driver is the FTDI driver? Don’t you see it the output live for DMX Tracks?Have a look to “DMX : FT232R …”


… which is?

Thank you,

… I guess the driver is the FTDI driver?
No. That’s an old one I have.
The new one is a Eurolite DMX 512 USB PRO.
VST doesn’t see it

This one above: “had to set my start Channel adresse on 5 on the led bar in order to control it with the Channel 1 on VST live…”