Do I need a MIDI controller or a keyboard with MIDI control?

I think I’ve just realized I need a MIDI controller :blush:
I have a MIDI keyboard but cannot do any dynamics/expression… etc, through it because it has no “knobs”
is it poss to buy a MIDI controller without a keyboard that will connect to Cubase alongside my keyboard or will that get complicated?
should I dump my current keyboard and catch up with the tech and get a new keyboard that is a MIDI controller?

any advice on which controller would be very helpful please, I’m supposing Steinberg do one…gonna take a look now.

thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

Just my opinion but I use the very affordable (under $50) Korg nanoKONTROL2 midi controller to control Cubase and my 25-30 year old Yamaha PSR38 keyboard. It works good for both of these requirements. Of course it is small, only has a few sliders and knobs, doesn’t really look that cool but, it does the job I originally wanted it for which was to have real time control when using my favorite vst (VB3) with this old keyboard. I use Velcro tape to hold it on the keyboard where it stays most of the time but the Velcro allows me to move it to my workstation desktop every so often when I want to use it to control CB.

Have fun finding what you want… and yes, I know I should purchase a new keyboard/workstation but, I really like this old PSR38. Maybe one of these days I will upgrade… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi, so would this control the dynamics/volume/expression of my vst’s? how does it get in to Cubase when I already have the midi keyboard in the midi slot?
scuse my ignorance :blush:
or have I misled with the title of the topic…should it be do I need a proper midi keyboard with knobs on?

thanks, Kevin

You could use “All MIDI Inputs” for the input to the VST Instrument but, probably, the better solution is to map the controller knobs to VST Quick Controls. Then, select the parameters you want to control in the Instrument.

I hope I understood your topic correctly but…

This controller will add real-time functionality of knobs and sliders for any vst that you use with your keyboard that does not have knobs/sliders. Like I said, I primarily use it to control my VB3 vst which has (IMO) the perfect Hammond/Leslie organ sounds I love. However, you can connect it to work the CB mixer (which I did too) and I imagine almost every other vst that allows it.

This controller gets connected to the computer via USB. Setting it up to work with your keyboard and/or Cubase involves working in the “Device Setup” section of CB and I have to admit the procedure for doing this was very confusing and time consuming for me to understand. I set mine up maybe 3-4 months ago and it has been working perfectly ever since. Sorry but I really don’t remember exactly how I got it to work but, if I can figure it out anybody can figure it out. :wink:

Hopefully someone who is more of an expert on how to connect these midi controllers will chime in to explain it further if you need them too.

During my learning experience for how to connect this controller I referred to these topics. Hope they will shed some light on the procedure for you too.

Regards :sunglasses:

OK thanks…I understand now, as long it controls my vst’s I’m good to ga and don’t need to buy another keyboard with midi controls on it…gonna take a look at it…

thanks for your time Prock and Jaslan

No problem,
Any midi controller that works with a protocol that CB supports will do what you want (control your vst parameters). I would characterize the controller I suggested (Korg nanoKONTROL2) as a inexpensive way to get into these things.

There are much more expensive ones available that have many more knobs/sliders/switches, etc. that, of course control more parameters. These more expensive ones also “look” like they fit in a professional studio setting which by itself could be very important to those who need/want to impress their customers/talent.

All in all the Korg nanoKONTOL2 I have works fine for me and it serves the purpose I need it for.

Again, have fun searching for and finding the one you want. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: