How to connect hardware with Remote Control?

The manual very well explains how to connect one virtual device (a plugin) with another virtual device (the Remote Control editor). It does not explain, however, how to connect a hardware device with the (virtual) remote control editor, so that I can use this hardware device to eventually control the plugin. How is this done? In my case, I have a Korg nanoKontrol2, which is capable of sending Mackie Control commands, but also of sending ordinary CC commands. How do I make the (virtual) remote control editor knobs respond to the (physical) knobs on my nanoKontrol? Any advice is very much appreciated!

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That post about the Remote Control Editor is very difficult to understand, especially considering that it’s meant as a tutorial. It’s so wordy I find it confusing. :confused:

As far as the question :wink: though:

With CCs Go to Device Setup and use the learn function to setup the VST and Track quick controls with your nano.

For Mackie emulation– basically, you need to:
Start your korg device in Mackie mode
Create a Mackie Remote in the Device Setup window

Once done, your nanoKontrol 2 will be able to operate the Remote Controls.

I don’t have that device so I can’t help regarding which buttons gets you into instrument/insert mode.

@G-String: Interesting, I’ll dive into that. Maybe these instructions solve my issue. Thanks for the link!


With CCs Go to Device Setup and use the learn function to setup the VST and Track quick controls with your nano.

Alright, but there are only 8 slots for VST Quicks and another 8 for Track Quicks, and all the more, these two appear to control the same parameters :confused: :question: . I thought that the RCE would give us something over and above the VST Quicks and Track Quicks, e.g. to control more than 8 parameters. :question:

For Mackie emulation– basically, you need to:
Start your korg device in Mackie mode
Create a Mackie Remote in the Device Setup window
Once done, your nanoKontrol 2 will be able to operate the Remote Controls.

I also managed to have my nano working in Mackie mode and functioning as a remote controller, but it seemed to be locked to controlling only transport buttons plus track faders and panning. Do I understand you correctly that in Mackie mode, and with Cubase setup so as to be controlled in the fashion mentioned above (as a remote controller), the virtual controllers on the RCE will also respond to the nano?
I’ll check this, since that would seem to be the answer to my question…

Thanks already for your help!

I just launched my nano in Mackie mode and as expected I can control transport buttons and channel faders, but the RCE knobs still won’t respond :frowning:
Am I missing something? How do I get these RCE knobs respond to my controller? The “learn” function on the RCE just learns the connection between the RCE and the plugin, but not to my external hardware… :imp: :cry:

If the nano does do this, you need to press the button that’s the equivalent of what is labelled on the MCU as “Plug-ins”. I think. Is there no chart from Korg saying what the equivalents are?

I tried to get this going with a nanokontrol v1, but couldn’t, due to the rotary encoders not being relative. they send absolute values, full left is 0, full right is 127, middle is 64. On the nano 2 the rotary encoders should be like the MCU which sends value “1” for each ‘click’ clockwise, and value ‘65’ for the counter clockwise. (on CC16 through 23 for the 8 knobs)

One thing you could do is: boot the nano in Mackie mode, and just connect it to a midi track with the midi monitor insert and keep pressing buttons till you see Note G2. That’s what the Plug-In button on the MCU sends, according to this page:

The author has mapped all the controls of the MCU and listed what they transmit.

I would be interested in knowing if you get it going, so do post back.

Duh, there is no button “Plug-Ins” on the nano, and all knobs are occupied by other things, like transport functions, marker setting and recalling, track changing, solo, mute, and record enable. No button left to send the magic note G2. :cry:
So, I understand that if only KORG would have added one more button, we would be able to not only control our DAWs but also of controlling all our plugins? That’s pretty sad.
For me this means that I have to run the nano in CC mode and use the knobs for Track Quicks, and use the faders for individual assignment of those plugins that are able to “Midi learn”. Or maybe use the faders to control the VST Quicks, and then assign these other parameters than those that are readily controlled by the Track Quicks. That might be an option…

I’m sort of happy now to at least know that the nanoKontrol won’t work with the RCE. So RCE is basically useless for everyone not owing these expensive controllers that are supported by Cubase out of the box. I just wonder why Steinberg has put so much effort in carefully designing a feature, the RCE, which appears to be adaptable to any sort of hardware controller, but which in fact isn’t. (Am I right? Protest is welcome! Please let me be wrong!)

Thank you all again for your helpful advice!

Well, I don’t know if it’s as simple as “one more button”.

You can leave the device in CC mode and still connect it to Cubase via the Mackie Remote to experiment. Using the KORG KONTROL Editor and the web page I linked you can try assigning the right messages to the function buttons.

Have you indeed downloaded the KORG KONTROL Editor software? Did you check to see if Mackie mode messages the function buttons send are editable?

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble here too. All I want to do is this:

  • Use my MCU knobs to control the parameters in the active plugin window

So whatever plugin I’m currently looking at, I would like to use my controller’s knobs to change whatever parameters are assigned in the Remote Control Editor.

For Example: I select a vocal track, which has a compressor plugin. I open that plugin. Now, when I turn a knob, it changes the Threshold in the compressor. I close the window, open another track’s reverb setting, and that same knob now controls the Reverb Time.

I already have my MCU setup and working; I understand how the RCE works. I just can’t intuitively get the controls on my RCE mapped to my MCU.

And I’ve tried VST Quick Controls, which don’t seem to do anything, and Track Quick Controls, which work on a track-by-track basis, but are certainly not efficient for what I’m trying to do.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Has this question been answered? If so, I can’t find it. :frowning:

Recently I purchased a Korg nanoKONTROL2 ($50) and, with the help of this forum, set it up to control the Cubase mixer functions. That works real good but my primary purpose for the nano was to use it to control my beloved VB3 plug-in. I found several youtube videos showing that it will work for this purpose. In the videos it looks as easy as right clicking the VB3 parameter you want to control and choose “midi learn” then move the button or slider on the nano. Unfortunately, none of the videos show what must be done (I guess?) in Cubase to allow the nano to communicate with the VB3 plugin and not the Cubase mixer controls.

Any suggestions are appreciated as I R dumb when it comes to this midi stuff. Even after reading the CB manual numerous times I am still lost. Seriously… I just don’t get it! :angry:

Regards :sunglasses:

Well, I finally figured out how to connect my nanKONTROL2 to work with VSTs. And especially my beloved VB3 insert.

The instructions are posted in the top portion of our general forum but for some reason I could not get the procedure through my thick head. Now, the knowledge has penetrated the thickness and entered the dark matter. I suppose some extra assist would have saved me mucho time but ultimately I am glad I figured it out myself (with the guidance of the posts already on our forum).

BTW… still terrible that Cubase (running in Windows) will not recognize these USB connected devices unless they are connected prior to starting Cubase. Again, very lame.

Regards :sunglasses:

@kbostroem @darwady2:
I have the same results as you. There are lots of internet posts out there that are misleading about the capabilites of cubase 7 RCE (remote control editor). Some of them suggest the you can use any generic midi control hardware. With a cynical view, it looks very much like a money grab between steinberg and the makers of the devices supported by cubase 7 RCE. If you open the RCE and click on the “+” at the top left of the window you get the list of supported devices: Yamaha NUAGE, Sytem 5-MC, Artist Series, WK-Audio ID. I will attach a screen shot of that list.

There are youtube videos and internet posts suggesting you can simply select a control on the RCE window, enabled learn mode in the RCE and then move your hardware controller, using ANY midi hardware controller. Well, I tried it with a new Necktar Pamorama P1 and an old M-Audio Axiom 61. It DOES NOT WORK! I can get midi learn to work for the cubase Guitar Rig 5 vst plugin with both devices.

Question: How to get someone from steinberg to comment above this issue?

Cubase 7 RCE is very powerful… if it works generically. For the great masses who are not rich and cannot afford the listed control hardware cubase 7 RCE is a lame duck.