Do You Feel EVERYONE Should Buy/Use Cubase 7?

From a comment that was made in another thread, it got me thinking…many of the incessant upgraders in the forum seem to secretly (or not) want everyone else to buy & use the latest version because THEY do. It’s ‘something’ in human nature I guess to want others to do what THEY themselves do, feel, act, think…and even ‘believe’ …just look at those nutty Jehovah’s that come knocking on your door…like, “I’m a gullible piece of sheep, so you should be too”. Apply that to Cubase…and you’ll have … “well, I bought & use Cubase 7…I don’t really know WHY, but I was tempted by the greener side, besides all the other kids are doing it”…using the latest Cubase has always been seeingly a ‘self sence of status’ as well. Also, just because YOU use it (again… the Think, Do, Feel, Believe syndrome) anybody who appears anything LESS, is somehow, not as good, smart, handsome as you!

Ask yourself…whenever you had, say long hair, short hair…a mustache, a beard etc, etc… you’ve looked at OTHER guy’s and were actually LOOKING or SEEKING to see if they were like YOU…weren’t you!

Human nature …silly humans! …or is that Silly humans who use Cubase? :ugeek:

What you say GEEKS?

Sorry but, we just ARE better…

I feel everyone that uses Cubase 7 should buy/use Cubase 7.5 because I had a very positive experience doing it. And I want to spread the love. Peace Mann

uhmm, uhmm, I see… Do you feel even better than a previous version, and just how much better are you than say, a Cubase 6 user? Cubase 5, 4, SX 3 etc, etc… I guess they’re ‘so yesterday’. Do you feel more handsome® now? Smarter? Better musician/singer? Better Engineer? And, is there any part of you than has been ‘enlarged’ as a result?

Ah ha, yes I see… did you also have this same/similar positive experience on a previous versions? If so, how would you compare those experience to this experience? Did you then wish upon others to share and feel just as happy, joyful and as lovely as you felt then?


spare us with your philosophical bs. Watch the videos about the new feartures and then decide for yourself whether they are of any use for you

Yes same fuzzy warm feeling when I updated from Cubase 6 to 6.5
Mainly because, both .5 updates have been rock solid (for me), and they were silly inexpensive. I wish others the same experience, because we are all in it for the love of music. And in the end it is all about the music. God I sound like an old hippie, guess I am

I disagree. Don’t spare us because this is the lounge.

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I am enjoying reading the Cubase ‘philosophical bs’.

Carry on. Let’s see where this one leads us.

And to resond to SYNC:

Do You Feel EVERYONE Should Buy/Use Cubase 7?

From my POV:
Yes! It is best to have (and know how to use) as many tools as possible.

tempo detection tool in 6 was a dream sent ,it meant i could salvage lots of old 4 trk stuff,quantizing dodgy tempo`s etc, fantastic .i know you can do it with the time warp tool manually but it takes ages, tempo detection tool is great and does it in seconds,giving me more time to drink coffee… bzzzzzzz .

Wow, with two posts under your belt. What an entrance :unamused:

This is the Lounge section, it has some tolerance to almost everything a bit on the side.

ok, u r right, i’m sorry. I have to practice more tolerance. But it will take time to find some sense in questions like ‘do you feel a better person with the latest updates’

Not JUST a “better person” but also the potential “enlargement” is what I’m also wondering as well. Some use a tube thingy, some drive big trucks, others use Cubase as their virtual extension’. Now take two Asprins and call me in the morning …but don’t call me Shirly, or late for breakfast sailor!

I don’t think that people who are not into making music should get Cubase.

They would just install it and then it would not be used for anything.

That’s what warez sites are for, the software collector that installs all the biggest and baddest software. Never has time using it because there are new versions to install and viruses to fight. Cubase having a good protection makes it even more attractive, to the collector. But once you pay good money you want to use every feature, and the slightest issue is often blown out of proportion. Use what you got, update if it helps your work, but always keep a working version running. Now where my next gallon of coffee.

No doubt that has happened many, many times, and with EVERYONE at some point…it happened when I bought JamStix #1, then upgraded to JamStix #2 for no apparent reason…NEVER actually used it in a song. Now using Cubase…well, I use it when I have spare time to spend on my music hobby. A waste you say? Not when you compare it to the several thousand of dollars with of equipment compiled over the years…the cost of buying Cubase pales in comparison. Just because some can’t afford to spend much time on our music, does this mean we should quit music as a hobby, but maybe it actually makes that time much more pleasurable.

Ummm, huh? what are wares sites for? Collector? I must have missed something :question: Have there been many people who use Cubase 7 using a crack when reading the several complaints about it all over the Cubase forums since it’s release? True though and most would agree that if you WORK for something, the reward is that much sweeter. As for “features” I’ve never needed much…Maybe that’s why I’ve never had the problems associated with Cubase I’ve read about for years. A DAW is a little more than a fancy multi-track audio recorder with midi capabilities AFAIC. I don’t know about you, by music my machines don’t GET viruses, do yours?..haven’t for years, they’re never on the internet.

Use what you got, update if it helps your work, but always keep a working version running

Which that is really the point :exclamation: …and why some people don’t need/want to upgrade. But apparently by some of these responses, it seems that those who don’t, and mere subjects about not needing to upgrade are met with what amounts to virtual tar & feathers :bulb: Humans, curious behavior :nerd:

I also encourage philosophical BS! For those that don’t like it, I suggest the Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Philosophical BS Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam and Spam … it hasn’t got much Philosophical BS in it.

In any case … this entire inquiry is moot. As the great Philosopher Zeno proved (beyond any shadow of a doubt) it is impossible for everyone to buy/use Cubase 7 … just as it is impossible for Steinberg to actually produce Cubase 7!

In order for everyone to buy/use Cubase 7, at least half of all people would have to buy/use it. But in order for half the people to do that, half of those (or one quarter of all people) would have to buy/use it. And before that a sixteenth of all people would have to buy/use it; preceded by one-thirty-seconds of all people; preceded by now-sixty-fourth of all people … and so-on-and-so-on until only fractional cells within one body are further subdivided into … nothingness.

Thus, it is similarly impossible for Steinberg to make Cubase 7. In order for them to make it, they’d first have to half-make it. Prior to that they’d have to make a quarter of it, but first a sixteenth, preceded by a thirty-second on the heels of a sixty-fourth that was preceded by a one-hundred and twenty-eighth of a Cubase 7 … and so-on-and-so-forth back to the point of the very first half/quarter/sixteenth/thirty-second/sixty-fourth … of a floating bit computation.

Yep, Zeno sure knew his philosophy! Well … at least he half-knew it. Er, he definitely knew it an eight or a sixteenth … thirty-second? A two-hundred and fifty-sixth?

I’d finish this post … if it were possible … by rough Zeno calculations … I’m about 1/100,000,000ths of the way … maybe a bit more … or a LOT less.

Oh yeah, by all means (or even half-means) bring on the Philosophical BS! I LOVE it! :mrgreen:

what BS means ? (a philosophical question)

Bovine waste-material (BS = bull $hit)

I use it for business and pleasure, there is no distinction here that matters only that Cubase is a great tool for writing, composition, recording and production.

peakae is spot on about the warez.

Personally I need Steinberg to innovate otherwise I cannot get the job done.

Pointless philosophy unless of course all you do is record and mix.

My mother does not have Cubase. She do not miss it either :slight_smile:


ROTFLMAO!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: