Docked edit window is driving me nuts

After a day with C9, an annoying workflow problem has shown itself: you record your audio and your midi, want to do some edits, double click on the event, and ker-splosh, it opens in the bottom zone that I just closed to to see as much of the arrangement as possible. To be able to actually work with the data, the BZone has to be expanded upwards – and afterwards you have to mouse all the way to that small button in the top right corner to close it again. This I have to go through for every single little edit. The old floating window actually made sense, was easy to work with and easy to close. With this new system, I feel like the only real way to work with it is to set aside 1/3 of the screen to a static BZone, and lose the same amount of project arrangement real-estate. Otherwise it’s a click-fest that’s even worse than before.

Am I missing something, or is the new “docked window” that stupid? Can this behaviour be turned off?


MIDI menu>Set up Editor Preferences (opens Preferences window… modify to taste :wink: )

I f you open the editors from the MIDI drop-down menu the editors still open as floating, sizable windows (you can close or switch between them in varios ways). I have also assigned key commands for a one-stroke opening (E for key editor, S for score etc). Haven’t tried it, but you can probably do the same with the audio editors

I’ve proposed this possible alternative to enhance the workflow:

Vic: fantastic. It’s back to a workable state. But why on earth they thought that the new default is good, is completely beyond me. Mind you, such a docked system is exactly how I have Wavelab configured, but when mastering you most of the time only deal with ONE audio track. Using Cubase is fundamentally different. Oh well, at least I can have it my way now :slight_smile: