Document describing what you can type into all popovers

With apologies for coming much later than planned, here is a PDF file (inside a zip archive) that lists all of the things you can type into the various popovers in Write mode in Dorico 1.0.10.

(This is also now included in the FAQ thread.) (379 KB)

Brilliant, thanks Daniel.


Thanks a lot!

A follow up question - in a case where you for instance use lots and lots of salzedo breathmarks (or some other very long popover term), how would you go about? Typing it once and then copying? Or better use the mouse?

Liamk has discovered a shortcut key for cut time (which isn’t mentioned in the Dorico Popover Doc)

Thank you very much, Daniel!
A suggestion for people who are not handy wirh unzipping and handling files:
We could put the plain text right here into the thread. It is a very long list, I know…

Dear Liamk and Jim Druckenmiller,

I’m on mac, but my shortcut to get ¢ is alt-shift-c (french keyboard) — in case it can help ! Alt-4 is for ‘

Great!! :smiley:

I know I’ve been wining about the lack of possibility to write “harmon mute” with text, but I know you’re working on it. But, when looking in this excellent list I see “harmon mute, stem left/right”. What on earth is that? Maybe this is the wrong forum for trumpet related questions, but I’m a jazz trumpet player and I’ve never heard that I can put the stem to the left or right. The only way know is in or out. Can anyone tell me how to put this little tube to the right? :astonished:

I simply LOOOVE the way barlines and time signatures popovers work, great!! :smiley:

Some other thoughts on the popover list:

• Some of the techniques are very long to type. To speed up the work flow I’d like to use the common and other abbreviations even in the popover. (e.g. leg (legato), vib (vibrato), str mute (straight mute) etc.

• When typing “open” it results in a circle and not the text “Open”. For a brass player this is a bit confusing, since the little circle means open with the plunger mute ("+" closed, and “o” open). To remove a brass mute “open” is the common way of notating.

• Adding Ornaments, Playing techniques, Text and Dynamics to several instruments/players in one go, the same way slurs works.

• Copy-paste/Alt-click glissando lines. (or as mentioned above, selecting several players and do it in one go)

• When adding a tempo mark as both tempo text (eg. Andante) and metronom mark (e.g. q=120) I like to separate them with a comma or put the metronome mark within a parenthesis. I don’t know if this is standard notation, but I think it looks good… :smiley:

• It’d be nice to have the option to edit the tempo markings and playing techniques instead of having to first delete them and then adding new ones. (work flow…)

I’m not yet a Dorico user, but getting closer - so detailed info like this is very useful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I assume that it isn’t expected that users will need to remember all these things; that would be very difficult for a number of reasons - for instance because the entries need to be typed in several different ways:
Senza Vibrato = “senza vibrato” in two words
Half-mute is “half mute” (also two words, but without a hyphen)
Double-tongue is “double-tongue” with a hyphen
Flutter-tongue is flutterttongue in one word
Add bars is eg “+24” and not “add 24”

…which leads to a question: will a list of possible options pop up when one starts to type, for instance: if I start to type half will Dorico show me “Half Mute”, so I can select it by clicking on it, or do I need to remember that it needs to be typed in two words/be spelled exactly the same way it is spelled in that list?

Sorry if the question is confusing, here’s another way to put it: if I type “half-mute” with a hyphen, will Dorico understand what I want, or rather will both spellings do? I assume one won’t have to remember the exact same typing as Dorico suggesst in this list (which would mean that nothing would be entered if what we have typed doesn’t match the spelling (and hyphens etc) on that list?

Thanks in advance.

I Like the idea of having sort of a filter function in the popovers so that I don’t have to learn the spelling on every single technique. In that case the abbreviations wouldn’t be of the same importance.

yup, great idea.


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This document is already posted in the pinned FAQ thread.

Oh, I missed it. Thanks Daniel