Document preview request

Hello Team

ad usual I have a periodic request.
This time is about the MacOs quick preview that is possible for almost every application document by hitting spacebar on the document icon for preview the document without opening it in the application.
Another cool visual feature in MacOS is the document preview in the icon thumbnail, also this could be useful for Dorico documents icons.

Have a good health and work

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This has been mentioned before: it’s being considered, but of course it’s a Mac-only feature.

You get the Document Icon for free as part of the QuickLook preview. Though I imagine most documents at 512px will look pretty similar…

The same question I had. It would be a great idea to have a quick look to a document without opening the file on a Mac. Especially bigger projects need eny time to open, at least using VSL. Searching for a particular version of a project or comparison between two or more versions so can take much time.
I would be happy (and I guess not only me … :wink: if you could install such a possibility for Mac Users.

Wouldn’t that require MacOS and/or the Finder to be able to read the proprietary .dorico file format?

I don’t believe so.

In fact, we wouldn’t be able to take the approach I proposed in that earlier message, because macOS imposes a strict limit on how long a Quick Look generator is allowed to process for: if it takes even a moment longer than 5 seconds, the process will be killed by the operating system. (This is one of the reasons why the Quick Look feature no longer works for Sibelius, for example, because depending on the complexity of the music, it’s not possible to load, lay out and render the score in less than five seconds.)

So we will have to use a purely image-based approach in future, and the challenge this will pose is that we will have to save the images into the project when you save in Dorico, which will make saving files (a tiny bit) slower and will make projects (a little) bigger on disk.