Documented changes to key commands?

Do we have a record of which key commands changed between versions? I’m especially interested in the key commands for the score editor, because comparing to the ones of 10.5 I’m seeing some differences, some commands missing (interestingly still missing even if I launch older Cubase versions, up to 8.5), some functions merged, it’s a bit chaotic.

On old forum there is tool that you can read key commands.xml and export it as sheet(and also as pdf if I recall correctly) so you can compare both from new and previous versions. I hope you can find that tool on this new forum.

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Yes this is it!

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@steve, @Grada

Thank you! Glad to see the old stuff survive! I’ll give the utilities a go, do they populate the entire key commands list or only those commands that have been assigned?

The problem is this:

I’m trying to update the list of all key commands to 11.0.40, so I’m going through all of them. I see in my notes commands that are not there anymore. E.g.: Commands: Score Functions>Brillenbass… and Auto Group Notes - to name two - were there in 10.5.20, but they’re not there in 11, as the functions have been absorbed in other commands (I think). The interesting thing is that even if I run Cubase 10 (or 8.5), the commands do not exist in the commands list anymore, making it impossible to compare between versions. If I hadn’t documented the commands one by one, I’d surely believe that I was just imagining things by now.

It’s no big deal, if the changes occur due to updating to a newer version, people will obviously care for the current key commands. Saves me having to do the comparison too, I’ll just do a pass of what’s there now. Just as long as this is normal, and my 10 and 8.5 are not being fed the wrong key commands file.