KeyCommand Utility

I’ve updated the Windows VB Script today to correct a few minor deficiencies. Some shortcut keys were being missed out, now included; Macros and PLE commands are now in the list; additional colours have been added.

Now at V3, as of 11/July/2017. (5.56 KB)


This is great! Thanks Mike - very useful for a lot of us! :slight_smile:

superb !!!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

This doesn’t work for me, I get a message like my attachment.

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It sounds like the script is saying the xml file is corrupt, somehow. I suggest you open Cubase, and open the Key Commands dialog, and save your current key commands as a preset.

Then, load that new preset, then quit Cubase, and run the script again.

In saving the preset Cubase will write the file correctly. Let us know if that works.

Thanks, that worked! and thanks for the utility!

Great! Thanks go to others, I just moved the post and stickied it!

Thanks , very useful !

What a fantastic utility thank you so much

Does’t work here.

Did you follow the installation instructions in the readme.txt file? It looks like you didn’t put the script in the ‘User Settings Data Folder’ but ran it from a Temp folder.


This is brilliant, thank you so much!


Thank you!

hi mike.
ran the script as per instructions in Win10 on C9.5 . it asks which app to use to open the file and i get the result (see images)
Scipt location.png

Is there a way to make this read a user keycommand preset instead of the default?

Does this work on Mac?

I don’t understand why after all of these years something like this ins’t built into Cubase. Export key commands to a text file or .CSV file.

So simple it would be but no