Does anybody use Emulator X3 inside Cubase 12?

Emulator X3 is Windows only, it’s an old plugin not supported anymore. I’ve been trying to get it to work correctly in Cubase 12 on Windows 10. But I often have a crazy error that causes the plugin to open abunch of windows, make a lot sound, and crash.

Has anybody been able to run it smoothly in big projects, and reopen those projects, not losing presets etcs?

This isn’t fault for cubase, it’s strictly a plugin made for Windows XP that’s not compatible with newer daws

I don’t (cause I don’t have it), but have you tried older versions of Cubase? Maybe something like C9, and try the 32bit version?
Another thing to try could be to start Cubase as administrator. Some older software could be weird like that…


Works as expected, here, using its 64 bits version as an instrument rack in template based projects. I added two MIDI tracks associated to the two busses I defined in Emulator X3, Options > Preferences > Audio panel.

Works (almost…) flawlessly : few things to avoid, though. The first one is to use more than one instance of it and the second one is, without quitting Cubase, to try to activate another project that also contains Emulator X3 loaded as VSti or to close a project and reopen another one in the same case : instant crash of it, with Cubase output bus fully loaded at max level, even if nothing is hearable…

FWIW : Cubase Pro 12.0.70 used with Windows Pro 10 (22H2).

EDIT : few typos and mistakes corrections…

Hey thanks, I think I got it working mostly now. I find using “disable track” or loading more than 3 always causes problems eventually… I wasn’t aware you could have multiple midi outs on it untill I saw your SS, I setup a 16 bus midi & outputs to mixer channel, been able to open and close the project with all channels running automation etc for over a week now… Might have to sell my Xtreme Lead now cuz this is just so convenient

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