Does anyone know if I can revert back the firmware of my UR44C

I just updated to version 3 and now I’m not able to do what I used to do. My setup to stream involved Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback and Audio Hijack to basically grab my mic input channel to apply a bunch of plugins to it before it went into OBS. Unfortunately now I’m not able to grab say Input channel 1 from the interface, because I only have the DAW, Music/Streaming and Voice drivers and I can’t access channels individually. On top of that I just bought Blue Cat Audio’s PatchWork to run my VST3 plugins in OBS which currently only accepts VST2 plugins, but now it is completely useless because I can’t process my mic individually. I only get all my playback including the mic summed up which is pretty bad. It is definitely great for people that don’t have Loopback and all these things, but now I kinda can’t use all these additional softwares any more. Hopefully there is a way to fix this in a future update or I might have to revert back to the old version if that is even possible. Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade the firmware ?

I don’t think you can downgrade a device firmware. The setup process checks for the version and runs the install only if the firmware release is older than what it tries to install.

The UR-C V3.0.0 was a terrible update. Every kind of issue went wrong and I’ve been trying for days to fix issues with high ASIO Guard Level, some projects that I haven’t been able to open up at all. I reinstalled Cubase 12 and the same problems remained. Then I uninstalled UR-C V3.0.0 and installed UR-C V2.0.1 and everything is back as normal again. So yes you can downgrade the firmware for the UR44C. But now when I investigate this further, I actually see that there’s also a firmware boot version, which I haven’t updated. I’m still on V1.10.

Anyway, I will not do anything more now since it’s working for me.

So you installed the old driver again, but doesn’t the interface remain on the new firmware with the 3 drivers ?

So you installed the Software on your computer, but that is not the firmware on the UR device. I doubt the installer did the downgrade on the device, what release does it show?

When I had done the downgrade it showed also here in the status line 3.0.0 → 2.0.1

If you are not certain about downgrading, then be careful. I have another soundcard, the UR44, if I had messed up something. Always when I do an upgrade for anything, it’s mostly about that general problems are fixed, not about new functionality.

This is what mine currently says

So, I uninstalled the new driver and installed the old one. I still have the new firmware, but it still got rid of the 3 drivers, it’s now back to the old one, which pretty much all I wanted

That is interesting, so you were able to even install the previous firmware on that device.

I would be very cautious with stuff like this, especially if it is firmware of a hardware device.

This is what I see here as well, except for the Driver. The current Windows ASIO driver is 2.1.6

I used the uninstaller app that was included in the V3.0 driver. It uninstalled the driver and the mixer software. It didn’t touch the firmware, but I’m still back to the 1 driver driver where you can access all channels independently

I did the update and got the Main as V3.00, the driver as V2.1.6 and the dspMixFx UR-C as V3.0.0. I checked my System settings in Windows and suddenly had three choices of sound channels to choose from, which was a bit confusing. So I decided to downgrade. And if I had read first what’s said on the homepage, I might not have done it.

  • After installing the TOOLS, first update the firmware to the included version using the firmware update function on the dspMixFx UR-C (for UR22C and UR44C, downgrade to the previous version of firmware is not possible after firmware update).

But it’s possible, but probably not recommended and therefore that’s Steinberg’s advice. And also mine (even if I could do it).

I can’t speak for Windows, but on my Mac the old driver works with the new firmware

I’m happy it did work out for you. I will not touch my settings anymore now. Since it worked before. It’s just the announcements of “Now we got the new update” and I had some idea that maybe some performance and stability would be better, but if new functions are added, some new problems may occur.

I just gave it a little spin, it is not really working as expected

So now channel 2 is getting the same signal as channel 1, even tho there is nothing plugged in into 2. Channel 3 & 4 get the signal from my playback, currently running Spotify. Channel 5, 11 & 12 also have the mic signal from channel 1

Yeah in the new driver I don’t get the channels split up like this, you just get everything summed up. It is more than stupid.

Check out what Dom Sigalas has to say. I will watch it anyway to see what I will miss. :smiley:

Yeah I watched this a couple of times already and was convinced it’s gonna be a good update, but unfortunately not. Hopefully there will be a way to downgrade the firmware otherwise I might actually have to buy a new interface

I’m actually gonna install the new version again, because the old driver with the new firmware creates some kind of zombie device, where everything is still summed up.