Does anyone use Frontier's Alphatrack controller?

I use cubase 9.0.3 on windows 10 and I bought Alphatrack yesterday.
First my mistake was that I didn’t check how does it old machine and second was I didn’t checked how the conditions of it’s websites now.
Well, skip all. does anyone use it on windows 10 right now? or I just have to write a praying mails to the Frontier’
Plz give me just any kind of advice…or just make fun of this fool pensado…

Frustration will find you ditching it…as it was without support when I attempted to continue to use it into Win10.

Hopefully you can move on.

Install the driver in Win7 compatibility mode.
Put the plugin in your components folder and and follow the setup instructions and see what happens.
I see some users claim they have it working with W10…but as they stopped making and supporting this 6 years ago, if it doesn’t work then you can’t be too upset. Mine had pretty much fallen apart by the time W10 arrived so I never bothered.

well, then it could be use on the mac? if i can use it, then i will think about move to mac system more faster…

then, it could run on mac right now?
if it still can use on mac, then i’ll change my system earlier…

The driver verson 1.30 will work on Windows 10 x64 but the installer won’t :slight_smile:
Run the installer in Win7 compatibility mode and make sure to copy the file “AlphaTrackCN64.dll” into
“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\Components” if the installer doesn’t put it there.

it can be made to work on Mac…actually seems more complicated than getting it to work on Windows 10.

Start here:

Here’s another report of someone getting it working under Windows 10:
Got my AlphaTrack installed under Win 10!

I did all of the workaround…it worked…and then it didn’t…I’d repeat it and it seemed to stay where it worked, then stop. For no reason.

Frustration set in and I had to move on.

you are genius.
i love you bro…

Delighted to report that the Frontier AlphaTrack still works perfectly on Windows 10 with Cubase 13.

If updating from C12 to C13, with the Windows driver already installed, just copy the file AlphaTrackCN64.dll from
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\Components