Does Cubase 13 not support MP4 or MOV video files?

90% of all the MP4 or MOV files I’ve tried to import into 13 are reported as “invalid or not supported file!” in the Import Video dialog, including the file I’ve been using since March in Cubase 12 (which, btw, was a special low-bitrate version so Cubase 12 would even play it smoothly). Most, if not all, are H.264, various sizes, bitrates, etc. Maybe Steinberg has given up on supporting video post?

Major fail, Steinberg. At least your Store works. (sadly) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Could you attach a small problem file here for SB devs or others to examine please.? If there are privacy concerns, maybe PM (private message) one of the forum mods directly, pointing to this thread. You will need to zip up the file first before attaching.

Haven’t seen any changed system requirements for handling video from C12, other than improved H.264 hardware decoding.

(Not upgraded yet, so can’t offer clues/help personally).


Or attach just the (short) video file, please.

But that is exactly what I’ve just suggested above Martin…?


Sorry, I was reading “project”… Probably too much reading and writing on the forum with the Cubase 13 release, now.

I’m having this same problem. I’m still unable to use CB13 as a result…
Was there any solution or new info here? Thanks!

Yep, the same,
a shame cause I bought CB13 for working on videos…

Same problem here in Cubase 13.
But all the videos can be imported in Cubase 12.

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I’m having the same problem. Everything worked in Cubase Pro 12…I opened up a project with Cubase Pro 13 and the video doesn’t work. Same system, same everything…doesn’t recognize the mp4 that works perfectly well in 12.

I’ve tried encoding files a bunch of different ways in Adobe Media Encoder. Constant bit rate, variable bit rate, 23.98 fps, 24 fps, different resolutions, etc… Nothing works…but still opens in Cubase 12.

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Hi @lucmusic - if you can post a 5 or 10 sec clip of one of those conversions, that plays fine in C12 and fails in C13 that will help narrow down the cause… zip the file up first and attach it, or upload it to a Dropbox/OneDrive etc file hosting site and post a link to the file here.

That way others can try to see if they can reproduce the issue on their systems; maybe then it will also get passed to SB to help them drill down into the problem too…

Just transcode the video to Apple ProRes.

Refer to the knowledgebase article about videos.

Thanks @Puma0382 . I’m working on a project under an NDA, so I’ll have to dig out another video file…and I’ve got to step away for a bit. I’ll come back later and post something. Thanks.

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But why should stuff that plays fine in C12 fail in C13 - that’s the issue. Or have requirements changed again for C13.? Nobody wants that… Didn’t see any notification in the release notes about video support changes…

No, but well hidden on the “New in Cubase 13” page on the main website, we see:


… so clearly some changes must have been made.

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Alright, I’ve messed around quite a bit with video exports to see what’s going on. It seems like any new video that create that is over 1 minute in duration doesn’t work in Cubase 13 (it works fine in any media player, btw). Here’s a screen capture of me trying out a few different file durations:

What’s also weird is that C13 is reading older mp4 files (that are an hour or more in duration) just fine.
And again, no import problems whatsoever for all these files in Cubase 12.

Well, the problem is still there, but I found a workaround: I downloaded Xmedia Recode, converted my old (large) video files, and now Cubase 13 imports them. It’s a mystery why everything was fine in 12, but is not ok in 13…but, at least I can get to work for the moment.

I solved the same problem in CB 13. I had regular .MP4 H264 file but with weird resolution (848 x 464) and seems like CB does not like it. So I upscaled resolution to 1080p and CB kindly imported this file.

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Same issue for me. Not amused as CB12 wasn’t perfect but it never crossed my mind that CB13 would be a backwards step for video . Previous suggestion to convert to Apple works here. I used

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Hi, i had the same problem. BUT…
After forcing Windows (10) to run Cubase13 in ‘High Performance Mode’ (search for graphics settings in Windows) it works fine as in Cubase11. Best whishes, bubu