Does Cubase 13 not support MP4 or MOV video files?

Yeah frustrating I am in the same boat with Cubase 13

​ExifTool Version Number : 12.58
File Name : iStopMotion Clip
Directory : /Users/adamolson/Desktop
File Size : 12 MB
File Modification Date/Time : 2023:12:30 08:44:15-07:00
File Access Date/Time : 2023:12:30 08:57:12-07:00
File Inode Change Date/Time : 2023:12:30 09:24:43-07:00
File Permissions : -rw-r–r–
File Type : MOV
File Type Extension : mov
MIME Type : video/quicktime
Major Brand : Apple QuickTime (.MOV/QT)
Minor Version : 0.0.0
Compatible Brands : qt
Media Data Size : 12277278
Media Data Offset : 36
Movie Header Version : 0
Create Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Modify Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Time Scale : 600
Duration : 2.08 s
Preferred Rate : 1
Preferred Volume : 100.00%
Preview Time : 0 s
Preview Duration : 0 s
Poster Time : 0 s
Selection Time : 0 s
Selection Duration : 0 s
Current Time : 0 s
Next Track ID : 2
Track Header Version : 0
Track Create Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Track Modify Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Track ID : 1
Track Duration : 2.08 s
Track Layer : 0
Track Volume : 100.00%
Matrix Structure : 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Image Width : 1920
Image Height : 1080
Clean Aperture Dimensions : 1920x1080
Production Aperture Dimensions : 1920x1080
Encoded Pixels Dimensions : 1920x1080
Media Header Version : 0
Media Create Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Media Modify Date : 2023:12:30 15:44:15
Media Time Scale : 600
Media Duration : 2.08 s
Media Language Code : und
Graphics Mode : ditherCopy
Op Color : 32768 32768 32768
Handler Class : Data Handler
Handler Type : Alias Data
Handler Vendor ID : Apple
Handler Description : Core Media Data Handler
Compressor ID : avc1
Source Image Width : 1920
Source Image Height : 1080
X Resolution : 72
Y Resolution : 72
Compressor Name : H.264
Bit Depth : 24
Video Frame Rate : 12
Image Size : 1920x1080
Megapixels : 2.1
Avg Bitrate : 47.1 Mbps
Rotation : 0

Thanks @coltrane251 that worked to convert it to the same thing.

I’m having the same problem. This is absolute nonsense. For the price we pay for Cubase 13, to have to fuss around converting videos. Come on Steinberg do better! Please do an update that fixes this issue.

In my opinion, Cubase could do better when importing h.264 MP4 and MOV. Yes, we can convert (using Shutter Encoder for example) but the program could perhaps offer wider h.264 support out of the box.

@Shane_Taylor As others have mentioned it would be helpful if you could upload an example or a number of examples from the h.264 files which were not supported.

However, to ensure accuracy on import you’re probably better off converting to a format like ProRes or DNxHD anyway.

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No problem with this here (using various bitrates/resolutions/portrait and landscape), so I would imagine Cubase’s import routines could be more forgiving.

It would be nice if Steinberg just looked at everything that imports into Pro Tools and Logic or GarageBand and at least match that and then do better. Multiple video files that work in GarageBand don’t work in Cubase. Cubase of course supports multiple formats but that would be great if they could work on supporting more. It has been over a decade now and Cubase still doesn’t support CAF files for Mac and Pro Tools did that in less than a year after it was introduced.

I was having the same issue and the ProRes format worked. Thank you for the suggestion!

Same issue. Need to work with the CB11 when having video to manage and cannot use new CB13 feature (i.e 2 video tracks). Incredible Steinberg does not give a status at least, that’s called customer care and respect …

I’m having the same issue. Even with the latest version 13.0.21.
Did anybody get videos to work without slicing them into smaller pieces or converting them to an Apple format?

I purchased Cubase 12 Pro a year ago, tried to like it, hoped 13 would be better and upgraded the day it came out. As soon as I couldn’t load a previous project because of this issue, I abandoned my $350 investment in Cubase and moved my projects to Reaper and haven’t looked back. But I do get a weekly dump via email from Steinberg on this thread, which is where I see that this is STILL a problem. :roll_eyes: :expressionless:

You folks might not want to bet your futures on Steinberg.

I’m having problems with this. Last time I imported video was on Cubase 12 and I don’t remember having these sorts of issues.

I keep seeing “convert to Apple ProRes” but I can’t seem to find anything to do the conversion for free on Windows. I tried using Handbrake and after a half hour converting I got another file I couldn’t open. Now I’m trying XMedia recode which was mentioned above, another half hour but I’m not confident this will work.

EDIT: Xmedia recode did the trick, target set to Apple iPhone5 H.264 1920x1080. It produced an MP4 that Cubase is able to import.

But they have made it worse. My video files work in Cubase 12, but black screens in V13. Same for other people as I’ve been searching for variations on the fault description, and finding others have the same issue. And I can’t log a support ticket as it tries to send to away to a local agent, yet I’ve been buying from the main site this entire time. Kind of getting “grumpy” here (avoiding swear words).

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I’m having the same problem … no import on 13 … but video words great on 12 … they made some changes to video in 13 but didn’t do a good job … or … maybe the job is half done still …

@Jim_Towler @Daniel_Elias as I said above, download Xmedia Recode (it is free), and set the target at Apple iPhone 5 H.264 1920x1080, and use that to convert your problematic video. The result should import into Cubase 13 just fine.

@Matthias_Quellmann Will this issue be addressed in an upcoming Cubase 13 update ?

I found solution that worked for me.
I cannot open mp4 format, and no error or warning is shown while importing or dragging a video into the DAW. Just nothing happens.

Use online converter tool (cloudconvert in my case) to convert MP4 to MP4 (yes, the same format) with default settings for conversion.
As a result, I can import converted video into 13th version.

Do you get perfect frame and sample accuracy using such online tools?

yes, I could even choose destination fps.

Additionally, I would use Pool → Conversion, If I need to convert a video already inside the DAW.