Does Cubase 6 have a Debug or Safe Mode?

Hello again!
I’ve had problems with Cubase 6 lately and I had posted a question but I got no reply:

Now I have a whole other problem. I had just finished and rendered a project and when I reopen it Cubase 6 works like normal, but after like 40 seconds, it completely crashes. It only happens with that project and I already tried to find the problem, changed the last things had done to it but it still crashes. It also has nothing I don’t usually use so that makes it weirder. Windows 7 event viewer showed almost no information too.

Anyways, does Cubase 6 have a Debug mode? or a Verbose one? Maybe even a Safe Mode?
I tried using “Back Up Project” and it still crashes.
Thank you!

6.0.2 Build 291 (32 bits)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 x64
By the way, I managed to find my problem and fix it: