Does Dorico 3 support Midi Guitar Input?

Sibelius and other guitar scoring apps support Midi guitar input, where midi channel equals the string number. For example, if the midi guitar is set up to send midi for string 1 on channel 1, string 2 on channel 2, etc…, then the scoring application will properly receive this and put the notes on the proper strings.

Without this support, if I play a middle C, this could be 4 different places on the guitar neck, and it is impossible for Dorico to know.

I do understand that Dorico is doing some intelligent decision making based on other notes played, but this obviously has limitations.


No, it doesn’t support MIDI guitar input at the moment, but it’s something we’re considering for the future.

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Thanks Daniel,

Compared to the expansive scope of all the work you have put into tablature, it seems trivial to implement in comparison.

It would make life much easier for guitarists, especially considering that now, even inexpensive guitar controllers ($400) like the Artiphon support string per midi channel.

I try not to assume what will be trivial, even by comparison with other things, but as I say, we are definitely considering it.

It does depend on what you expect to input I think. A Midi device is still a midi device, and Dorico recognizes my Fishman Triple play just fine. It’s not a very clean way to enter notes however, especially chords, but on the surface it does recognize it. I can input notes one at a time fairly easily. I have yet to actually try the record function with it because I think I need to tune up my interfaces note detection a bit before hand…it is getting a lot of artifacts that send incorrect midi information out which of course becomes spurious notes for input.

Dorico doesn’t have any kind of filtering such that it can automatically omit very short notes, for example, as you often need when working with a MIDI guitar, so accuracy will be a problem.

The other advantage of supporting MIDI guitar in Dorico input is virtual instruments such as Ample Sounds’ and Orange Tree’s guitars. I own almost of these instruments.
These VSTis can output notes according to string number using MIDI channels 1 to 6. For realistic playback, that feature support in a notation software is a must for me.

Thanks for the feedback, MrMarc. I confirm that this is on our radar for future versions.

Also, as an alternative to MIDI channel/string, if Dorico could allow sending a keyswitch (user assignable) according to the string number indicated on the tablature, it would provide further flexibility.

Thank you for the reply, Daniel. It’s great news that MIDI guitar is considered in future versions.

Hi there Daniel & Dorico Team, (or anyone in the community who might know)

further to this query about MIDI guitar input, though somewhat different, I’ve just come across this app by Jam Origin called ‘MIDI Guitar 2’. Basically it coverts audio to MIDI. I see from their products page that it works within other Steinberg products, namely Cubase (as well as a range of other DAWs) - Would this work within Dorico? As a VST? Which could then be routed as a MIDI input device?


you can create a midi port with loopmidi (
and use Midi Guitar ( as stand-alone, route its output to the midi port you created and open that one as
Midi input in Dorico. That will work. as a VST?..don’t thinks so because Midi Guitar needs a Audio input…but that definitely works within Cubase.

Cheers Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for this! Though it looks like LoopMIDI ( is Windows only and i’m using Mac. Had a quick look though and found this for Mac which looks to do much the same thing - - in case this is useful for other Mac users with this query in the future.

Nice one!


I mean, this is all a classic case of one should just try something before they ask the question. For anyone else who is curious, this all works. I need to tweak the tracking/levels as i’m getting some double stops when just playing one note, but it’s almost perfect without any tweaking straight away.

I download the graphic MIDI routing thing in my previous post but it wasn’t needed, I just set MIDI Guitar 2 to send/output MIDI and Dorico picked it straight away.

Just upgraded to Dorico 3.5 and was hoping to see some progress made with MIDI guitar input. Right now single notes and sometimes chords work fine, the problem is when Dorico decides to override my fingering choices. To echo other here, it would be great to have built in support for each string as a MIDI channel. I’m wondering how things are going at Steinberg with this? Notion, Logic Pro, Sibelius, Guitar Pro all have the ability to handle note input similarly. Right now I’ve had the cleanest input with Notion…

With MIDI Guitar 2, I have tried in Dorico, Notion, Sibelius etc and it is very difficult to get it clean enough for actual use for scoring/composition. In fact the makers of MIDI Guitar 2 have said they don’t recommend their product with scoring applications.

I’m wondering if there is a 3rd party way of getting an aggregate device of some sort created so that we have mono string support that is then routed corrected to Dorico. Anyone else trying to get the ‘holy grail’ of being able to play guitar into Dorico and have it (mostly) work??

We’ve not done any work on MIDI guitar input in Dorico yet. It’s still planned for the future but I can’t say when we will be able to work on this.

Is there a method/way of choosing a midi channel input for each guitar string possibly in a future version roadmap?

That would go a long way in my ultimate goal of being able to write music through a midi guitar pickup…

Yes, it’s something we are planning to add in a future version, but I’m afraid I can’t say when this will be.