Does "RX Connect" work for you?

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Pretty straight forward. Does it work as advertized for you 100% of the time?

I got an email back from RX tech support saying it works “90% of the time” and it appears neither Steinberg nor iZotope care about this any longer. Can you guys please let me know if it’s working so we can perhaps figure out if there is something in setup/procedure that can be changed to make it work for the rest of us…?

It messed up on me today! So, let’s say it has worked for me about 98% of the time.

Had been doing a lot of processing, and can only assume that either the computer or Nuendo got tired. Restart got everything back on track. I hope. Track was not importing; opening RX Connect the second time (after hitting “send back to Nuendo”) just wasn’t working.


Are you able to use “reference” as well, or only “repair”?

My problems are outlined here

I hate RX connect.

The entire workflow is ridiculous, not very 2015 at all.

Steinberg has it’s own “Melodyne editor” inside Cubase but they still need to think about an RX inside Nuendo - at least they need better integration.

It’s the kind of thing that REALLY matters to users.

Ideally it should be possible to right / double click an event and have RX take over!

Frankly, I don’t remember. I know I tried the “reference” function when RX Connect first showed up, but have never thought about it since.

On the other hand, I HAVE been bothered by the multiple clip issues you noted in the GS post. I’ve adapted my work to use RX Connect only when it’s the convenient option (for example, experimenting on single, usually long files, mainly in the process of developing presets for batch processing later in the standalone app). For everything else, I use the VST plugin modules (which of course means using the RX3 Spectral Editor).

Your noted issues have pretty much all bothered me at one time or another-- the looping playback thing is especially annoying. It would obviously be great if the RX Connect experience were made more elegant. When I said it worked 98% of the time, I wasn’t factoring in that it’s always a pain in the butt!


See, in Pro Tools I can leave the “connect” audiosuite plugin window open. I do my editing, and when I find a spot that needs RX I highlight the region, click “connect” once, and it’ll import into and switch to RX automatically. I’ll do my restoration and click “send back” and it’ll do that and switch back to PT. Then I just hit “render” and it’s done. So the process takes two clicks within Pro Tools. To me that seems as close to what you suggest as possible.

It seems to me that Nuendo’s window (mis)management along with always closing the offline process window causes problems. It could of course be something else, but it’s super-annoying that iZotope and Steinberg aren’t fixing this. It’d be one thing if this was a plugin nobody uses, but it’s almost become standard software for restoration in post.

Exactly, Steinberg need to see that this is super important for post users.
I’ve been CRYING for drag and drop audio support for YEARS now.
Man, this is SO annoying.

I’m using RX 8 with Cubase 12 and it is still super buggy. I assume this is still the same with Nuendo.

The RX Connect integration with Direct Offline Processing is extremely fragile :

  • Undo/Redo doesn’t work properly. After sending the processed audio back to Cubase and clicking Apply, we are able to undo the step, but it is not possible to redo it afterwards. The processed file is lost and we need to process in RX again.

  • Sometimes Undo/Redo makes Cubase crash.

  • The simple fact that having the RX Connect / DOP window open causes Cubase to use a lot of CPU and makes the CPU run at full speed, and the temp increases from 35°C to 45°C. This is related to the infamous “GPU acceleration” issue, and for this reason it slows down the RX processing. Simply closing the DOP window when doing the edits fixes it.

  • The RX Monitor window does the same thing as the above and if you have both windows open at the same time, the CPU usage increases even more.

  • Sometimes when I use RX Monitor, it “loses” the driver when clicking preview in RX, and I need to wait several seconds until it reconnect automatically.

  • Not to mention that RX Connect doesn’t even let the audio pass through when inserted, it requires to be on a track on its own.

no, it does not work as it should !
and i am realy tired of this “ping-pong” between steinberg and izotope.some one here on forum said that izotope did not implement their vst3 code as they should…whel then DONT sell it, or advertise it !!
and the most funny thing is that if you go to izotope rx10 webpage, you can see a big picture of yamaha nuage and nuendo LOL

There is no ping-pong at all.
Izotope has been made aware of their VST3 mistake long time ago.
With the help of Steinberg they (kind of) fixed it in RX9. (With a trick, thereby still not implementing the VST protocol correctly)
Now it is broken again in RX10.

I am also not aware of Izotope saying it is a Steinberg problem.


What’s the ‘error’ in RX10? I’m still on v9.

From what I’ve read, and unless I am mistaking, you can’t send it back to Nuendo from the editor.


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Are you saying this issue was present prior to RX9, got fixed in RX9, but returned in RX 10?
I am using RX8 and sending back the audio to the DAW works as it should.

The issue for me is when undoing the changes after pressing Apply in the DOP window.
It reverts to the original file, but redoing it doesn’t swap to the processed file any longer, and I am left with a duplicate original file in the Audio folder that has to be removed manually. When this happens, the processed file cannot be found anywhere, even in the RX temp folder, so I have to process the file once again from the start.

I’m sorry to say but there are really weird things going on with DOP and I don’t think this has to do with RX. Users are experiencing similar issues with Melodyne and there are dozens of topics about it, either with DOP or ARA.

Also, why is the ARA extension for RX only available in Pro Tools ? I wish we could have that in Cubase/Nuendo too, maybe that would fix some issues and improve the workflow.

The problem with RX10 seems to be manifold. With us it is so that it works at the beginning. You can apply sometimes three, sometimes five instances of RX10 to an event. But at some point it doesn’t work anymore: you can’t add a new instance. Instead, the last instance is always opened in RX Connect. (As if you had never closed this instance.) You are then in an endless loop. The only remedy is to make the DOP effects permanent for the corresponding event.
That’s how it is with us. But I have also read other variants. There is a long thread about this here in the forum, where we lament our suffering. :wink:


I read that other thread.
Is the problem limited to OSX + RX10 or does it affect Win11+RX10 as well?

We use Windows 10 or Windows 11, so it affects Windows as well.