Does stretching automatically sound better in old projects?

So I’m very excited that time stretching has been improved in C6.

Does this mean if I open an old C5 project with variaudio on a vocal track or a ‘musical mode’ drum loop whose original tempo is different from the project tempo in C6 that it will just ‘automagically’ sound better?

If not, what do I need to do?

No. Warp algorithms that existed in Cubase 5 do sound exactly the same mainly.
The only improvements here are performance (usually same or better)
and short one shot sound warping that wasn’t very good before IMO.

Give Elastique a try. But this is not capable of processing variaudio pitch changes.

So to do this I have to go to the pool and Select All and set the algorithm to Elastique?

PS - Awesome to see you on the board and participating so much !!! :smiley:

Would be interested to know why not. I’m sure there’s a good reason that I just don’t know :slight_smile:

PS - Awesome to see you on the board and participating so much !!!

Thanks. Of course I like to hear that. If you told me to get out of here, that would surprise me :wink:.
But in fact I participate when it makes sense only - which is close after release to see what’s wrong.

Regarding why variAudio is not available for elastique:
You can be sure we’d like to have that, too.
Maybe it is a limitation to the algorithm itself,
maybe we didn’t get it done,
maybe it sounds awkward…
However, it’s the same result.
But the more you cry the higher the chance it’ll be done. (Or you get told it cannot be done at all.)
I guess many users want this.

Yes! I guess I will start a thread to request it :slight_smile:

Do so !


Yep it’s really cool to see people such as yourself interacting with us end users!
Keep up the good work!
And YES PLEASE to elastique in variaudio! :smiley:

First of all Onno it is GREAT having your active presence here. :smiley:

I think you have zeroed in on why there is some friction between the user community and Steinberg with this quote

I really wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t - at least not from the perspective many users on the forum. More often than not when a posting on an issue generates a lot of replies in the forum, Steinberg does not respond at all. We’d all love to to have you guys tell us if something is in the pipe-line, a lower priority, impossible to do - whatever. But we don’t get that.

What we get much to often is a deafening silence. Even on the limited number of postings in this new forum, you will find many replies asking why Steinberg is not commenting at all about whatever issue is under discussion. This leads to real frustration in the user community and ultimately to Steinberg bashing by those who have gotten too fed-up.

We are your customers, and when all is well, some of your best marketeers. It makes no sense for any business to behave in a way that frustrates its core customer base - they risk loosing those customers that way. Yet this is exactly what Steinberg does. The pity is this is such an easy thing to fix. Just start having a real dialog with your customers on this forum and stop the silence. This is a real business issue that Steinberg needs to acknowledge and fix.

I apologize to all for posting off topic here. I did so because we have a real live person from Steinberg that we know is actually following this thread. Sadly I suspect that had I posted this on a new thread, no one from Steinberg would ever see, much less respond to this communications issue.

I recall last year the biggest complaint people had was VST Bridge. And Steinberg spent a lot of energy fixing it and released a free update. The SECOND biggest complaint last year was the time stretching algorithm. And Cubase 6 has Elastique.

I’m sure there are lots and lots of hot button issues for lots of different people. But to me it seems like Steinberg at least hits the top ones.

I’ll give you that. But wouldn’t it be even better if they had told us they’d heard the complaints and were working to fix it - or perhaps they’d heard a complaint and it wasn’t going to be a priority. At lest you’d know where you stand.

Effective communications can be the difference “good” and “great” for a product or company. Steinberg could improve just a wee little bit in this area, don’t ya think.

Personally i still think it’s early days with the new forum yet… there do seem to be all sorts of steiny staff characters popping out of the woodwork the past couple of weeks which is HIGHLY encouraging, a LOT of the posts putting forward potential bugs with C6 seem to have job/report numbers attached to them now also, there seems to be more interaction with us the end users than there has been for…well forever! lol… so wouldn’t it be wise just to let things run as they are for a few months?

I agree that even in the last WEEK I’ve seen way more communication than in several months before.

But the more you cry the higher the chance it’ll be done

I’m crying…



definitely increases the perceived value of Cubase! :sunglasses:

Thanks for discussing this here…
I’m careful in judging PR work since I’m a programmer, not a PR expert.
I understand your POV. We’re all users.
Feedback is always nice, whether it is from a human or software :slight_smile:.
However, I think its not so easy to achieve maybe.
Communication flows are one of the biggest factors I think.
But it is not as easy as ‘to have as much communication as possible as direct as possible’…
I think it is pretty common to feel alone as a user sometimes.
Be sure that not only I am interested in improving this.
Sometimes, e.g. for detailed questions, I rather like to talk to users than maybe PR.
But sometimes it is better to have PR process information for me to extract the essence.
You don’t want to know what Cubase looked like if we simply fulfil every feature request :astonished:

I’ll stop posting regarding this topic here probably, but go on posting here. I’ll read it…