POLL: Who wants Elastique added to VariAudio?

Should Steinberg add Elastique as an option for VariAudio processing in Cubase 6?

  • Yes, PLEASE!
  • No, it sounds fine as-is

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Hey folks: I know how excited we ALL are about Elastique. But did you know it’s NOT an option for VariAudio yet?

Please vote if you think it’s important!

It would seem to make sense, so yes please.

Of course :slight_smile:
(although, I do wonder why SB didn’t implement it already… maybe there are technical reasons?)


I hope this can appear in a incremental patch.

  • 1 !!!

Unless there is some technically insurmountable issue, i was rather surprised that it wasn’t already… would have made perfect sense.



how cool would that for instruments and drums! (if possible?)
think about sound design and modify the algo´s formant parameter (my personal F.R.)
…then celemony´s melodyne or autotune is totally unnecessary.
wonderful imagination.

I’m thinking there is a technical reason that it’s not used - if it had been straightforward it would have been included in C6, I would imagine.

Well then they should tell us why :wink:

Will this do? …

… taken from here: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2963

No that was just speculation and in the same post he told me to start his thread!

Hi to everyone,

I’d like to briefly comment on this and hope I can help to shed some light on this topic.

During the integration of elastique Pro into Cubase 6, we have also tested using it for VariAudio.
One result of these tests was that elastique Pro had troubles dealing with the rapid pitch changes (pitch curves) that appear in the context of VariAudio. This would lead to nasty artifacts or unexpected pitch fluctuations.

Another result was that for monophonic audio material, the quality of elastique Pro was not superior to the quality of the Standard - Solo algorithm preset. This is something you can verify for yourself by comparing the elastique Pro presets and the Standard - Solo presets applied on monophonic material (outside the context of VariAudio). Please let me know if you agree or disagree.

I understand that one might be led to believe that elastique Pro sounds superior to any of the Standard algorithms in general. However, this is not always the case. For monophonic material, the Standard - Solo presets performs really well. The elastique Pro algorithm has its strongest advantages when it comes to polyphonic material. For monophonic material, I would say, it is about on par with Standard - Solo.

Based on these results, it is understandable that elastique Pro has not been added as an option for VariAudio yet.
If this changes in the future will probably depend on where we want to go with VariAudio.

Best Regards,



what if we make a three step process out of it.
first elastique to make it fit horizontally
second bounce the selection
then variaudio to make it fit vertically.

I know, a workaround, but … :confused:

Welcome to the forum, Christian. and thanks for the insight from within Steinberg Towers.


Thanks for that Christian!
it’s SO nice to hear from Steiny staff these days! A BIG +1 from all i think!

BUT… it is a little disappointing that this should be such a technical difficulty… VA is great on a fairly narrow range of things but to be a real KILLER addition to cubase it NEEDS to be able to handle a much wider range of audio…
It’s nearly there but every so frustratingly not quite… :frowning:
If it were to work to the same quality that elastique does in musical mode in cubase then Steinberg would quite simply be head and shoulders above the rest!

Yes - a big thanks for the input from you Christian; always welcome to hear from SB directly…!

So, maybe we have to wait til “VariAudio 2” - this version could take on that wider range of audio matjones talks of… And as such, would be when the Elastique Pro algos may well come into their own.

Maybe that too is what Christian is hinting at when he says the word ‘yet’… :wink:

Well, whatever they do I hope they don’t include it until it works like vanilla sauce on applepie.

mmm … applepie!

Yes. Absolutely. Makes perfect sense!